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Like a Fair-Y Tail/Como Un Cuento de Nadas

Everybody knows where they were when the Twin Towers went down. And everybody (except the youngster) remembers as well exactly where (S)He were when John Lennon and Princess Diana were killed. I remember I was thirsty and I just wanted to grab a drink at the bar on the corner of the beach Barra do Sahy, in Sao Paulo. Everyone inside the bar was static, in front of the television set, mesmerized and in shock. They all looked so blue and so collapsed that someone should have asked to them, "who died??" Exactly, it was Lady Di. Such an impact that a major figure causes to all, it was heart broken especially for the way that happened. She had many choices in her life. In a bifurcation, with two paths to decide where to lead her own heart, she chose to remain true to herself and define her destiny by her own principles, refusing to be dictated by a restrict regimen. This is my homage to her. She will be always remembered by her devotion and sweet smile. May she rest in Peace.

Royal Diary-An Excerpt

We must reinvent our way,
every day,
like a fairy tale,
like the Princess of Wales.

Hay que reinventarse,
sobre todo y sobre nada,
como a un cuento de hadas. Ana C.


A Total Eclipse of the Art!

As in a week
I will fly away
over LA.

Yet I am still breathing a brief moment of contentment for I just spent my b'day on my birthplace with my family. And I just came back from a short trip to Brazil... 'twas an exhilarating time on the shores of the Atlantic island, in a deep meditative state in a month of introspection and retrospective. There will be a total lunar eclipse early in the morning. And Saturn transits through the last degree of Leo during this eclipse. That's co(S)mically said, it is advisable to check out the results of our decisions over the past two-and-a-half years of our lives. I have nothing to complain from those last couple of years. My books have been sold like fresh bread and I just signed a contract with a Canadian publisher. How about that for a starter? Am I ready to get down to start a new chapter? Oh yeah, I am ready! I'll roll up my sleeves and get ahead with some new work. I will just have to clean up a little to get started with a fresh and bright perspective. I also decided to recycle everything that comes up in my mind and hands, so I take all the trash and, without wasting it, I transform whatever doesn't serve any more to something useful and colorful. I've been using watercolour, brushes and pencil, and not only the pen and, with no pain, I paint and create new things to decorate the lives of those who love and enjoy artistic objects/subjects. I make things in a personal style so no one will achieve the same thing twice, so much for the handicraft style. What's Art anyway? Isn't that something you can feel pleasure about, or something that touches you in a unique way, even if you don't like it, you can still be absorbed by its own beauty? That's something to ponder about. I promise to get back from my tiny little cruise throughout California with 'tides and bites' and lots of mov~i~es to share.
"I have my head set to California..."
And I've got to warn you... I'll be back, baby!

P.S. Just in case I miss the eclipse of the moon, I will still have the stars to count on. And I have my fingers crossed, and my eyes wide open lurking, looking for a star there, in California bay areas, BABY!!! I will have my cellular and video cam ready to roll... a pen would be nice too, for an autograph, or even to take note over a phone number(??) You know, I threw away the numbers I had... (giggles) Silly me!!