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Blog Action Day: The Power of We

Imagine if this picture happened to you: instead of swimming and playing in the pool you were obliged to stay and live for good inside a bathtub. Well, that´s what in fact is been happening to a way-too-shameful-for-us-human-to-even-enumerate-such-huge-number of whales that are living into this nightmare around the globe right at this moment.
Now picture this: What if they could live free, in the open sea, as they were meant to be as their divine power and as God intended them to be? And you could see them not from so far and yet without touching them and get too close you would be magnetized and magnified by their beauty and splendour?? Would this be the perfect world? The Eden on Earth??
What if you live inside a tank made of cement where you were not able to send signs to your fellow men and instead your cries would only deafen you even more? I bet you would want to die, wouldn´t you?? So now just imagine how much noise humans make and how this noise can seriously affect the whales’ ability to hear each other’s calls in the sea. That would explain why so many sea mammals are losing their abiltity to find their way and many die due to the active sonar that leads to beaching. Not to mention in an amusement park where people clap their hands, they laugh, cry, scream, and where loud music and whistles play major role to make people have fun. Let alone their struggle for surviving in such small place yet loud ambiance. And although they may look happy they all are crying inside. For to keep the entertainment industry going on they are obliged to take lots of medicine, the males have their sperms taken so that they can breed females with artificial insemination. And the slavery continues in such unnatural way. And this is actually what is happening to a lot of animals that are forced to live in captivity and never leave that unhealthy enviroment and do you know why? Just to keep us humans entertained. Isn´t that sick, monstrous and outrageous? But unless the same "us humans" do something with the power of we we will continue to allow that to happen God knows for how long, or until when that time considering that many of the same animals we keep in danger are already endagered species. And now I just found out through a documentary in the UK that iron is crucial to ocean health. Whales recycled iron in the ocean by eating it in krill and making it available to phytoplankton in faeces. So that´s at least IRONic that we may save the planet and beat the climate change by keeping the whales in the sea to allow them to sort of leaving their shit out when nature calls.
So much can be done yet, to empower our ecosystem instead of keeping causing so much harm and risking to destroy it to a point of no return. We should get together, all of us, and make the whole world see how whales and other sea lives play a crucial role in keeping our oceans healthy. And if these endangered mammals become extinct we are the only ones to blame and most of all we will be in trouble ourselves. All we need to do is to inform as many people as possible to not only spend their money elsewhere but to stand with THE POWER OF US against marine amusement parks and against the capture of cetaceans.

This post is my way of taking part of Blog Action Day, a Global initiative which I participate since it has begun in 2007:

In 2011 the theme was FOOD
In 2010 we talked about a very serious issue:WATER
In 2009 I somehow missed it to talk about "My Multimedia Books"
In 2008 I was "Fighting Poverty in the World"
And the last and the first but not the least to burst Global Warming


Sea lives are all divine!

Stop the capture of ALL wild animals for our own entertainment. It´s unethical unless they were there so that they can be protected from slavery or slaughter or, if hurt, be treated and healed until they are healthy enough to be set free again. Let´s stop this insanity of keeping animals for our own amusement!!


Blog Action Day

I just registered my blog for #BAD12 Blog Action Day. This year the theme is #powerofwe which in a good French will resemble the words in a very descriptive manner, «Ensemble nous sommes plus forts» i.e. to assemble the various groups and communities in the world and embrace our diversity. And I was wondering: what would better translate that power of we?? In Politics and in the World Relations this is quite easily detected. When a group of people come together for an ideal and decide to make a revolution, to protest against an establishment, etc, etc. In Art it would mean when a certain selected group decided the value of things. But how about the environment? Where does this power of we fit? When we see that the economic power is much bigger than the request we as human beings expect, when changes don´t happen for the sake of semantics it is then that the power of we is much obliged to be required. So this year I decided to dedicate a post about the efforts the power of we need to make to ease the damages caused by greedy industrial sources. An I will be talking about the very core of civilization, from where all lives begun: The Ocean. And what we all can do to minimize the dark effects that we caused to the sea, which affect millions of lives and make the ocean scarce in food, breaking the feeding chain to a point where there seems to lack fishes all over the planet. And we are taking the risk to see the sea life only from an aquarium if we don´t take action now. I may sound a bit crazy when I say I believe in the power of we to save our own lives and the wild life. But I would be really mad if all I could do was just to sit down and watch while the whole world is put on fire, the ices are melting and the Earth is crashing down. Right at this moment I am believing in the power of we when I just signed a petition to stop dolphins to be kept in captivity in amusement parks. In the words of a very wise man who died because of the insanity of another man here I leave a message of hope: "You may say I´m a dreamer but I´m not the only one. I hope some day you will join us, and the world will be as One!"



Can you believe it's already the end of July?? Time does really fly if you believe in time. For me time is an illusion that passes way too fast! For when you live in Paradise, literally, time has no meaning, there is no time but a whole lot of eternity... but then when you face literally a near-death experience you can say for sure we all are imortal souls living an earthly experience. In fact we all are extra-terrestrial if you think we all came from the same stuff as stars. And once again I see death so near me. July 26th was grandmother's day and I happened to spend it with my granny all sick in bed. Ttwice a mother for me, since I cherish my granny so, she's the reason for me being here...she assisted my mother when I was late and she had to wait until I was born though with a premature weight... three days later and it was my birthday. Last year I spent my birthday in a place I didn't feel like I belonged, away from what I consider my home and family. Then I wished for the next year that I would spend it in the place where I was born and with my whole family. But I guess my Jeannie did misunderstand me and she literally took me to the hospital where I was born. So now I'm at the hospital taking care of my granny and I keep remembering what a bird who woke me up one of these mornings said to me, "girl, keep your head up, all right?" and then repeated it so many times until I smiled and responded, "ok!" But fate or date, the fact is I was spending my b'day at exactly the same hospital where I was born and this is not as much fun as I pictured it would be... really that's really fate... to think that I was about to be born at this hospital and that my granny payed for the health care so that my mother would have me and now I'm here for her... if you read my autobiography "flat feet: an autobiography of a cosmic dancer" there I wrote parts of what happened to my mother while she expected me...yes, in fact it was not an easy delivery, I was in a bad position an already late my mom almost lost me. I can even say I was born by miracle...just wondering with a bad health care i wouldn't even be here writing this down! I'm still at the hospital, missed tids and bits and yet I did manage to watch what I believe was a moving movie more than a show from the opening ceremony yesterday...the best of the opening at the Olympics in London when the rings ignited on lights and sparkles were everyone burning down those ugly towers of pollution and bringing back the fields of gold and flowers flourishing all around on the ground... and of course, the fun-static mr bean been hilarious in only one note, literally! The sad note is that my granny loves the games and she will be missing most of them...keeping my fingers crossed she'll come home soon.
Granny and I in a National Swimming Competition (Photo taken from Swimming Magazine)
You know I came from a family where women were big fighters and I did grow up with big or I should say huge examples of those brave women overcoming so many barriers and struggling to survive in a time where society was even less forgiving with people coming from poor status. So if you read my autobiography you would have a big laugh out of it, for in spite of all the turmoils I try to get the best of what happens to me and with good humour I always manage to find some lightness from all of this. In the end I find that laughter is indeed the best remedy. Life is a constant circle/cycle of love it gives it takes in an endless way we just have to live it and then leave making terms with it and hopefully terms of endearment.


A Day To Love

What does it mean to have a time well spent? When everything around us seem to be a fast face, last lane, past pace, it's hard to keep track of the things sweet and subtle, and even a small laughter might be considered trivial. But what would be our lives without those romantic hits, and a steamy savouring of a relationship heat? What would be of the future if life consisted of only moments gone, if even in our present moment we couldn't live long enough? Life is a gift we have in our hands. And if we don't give time for what is primordial in us, our detrimental need to love and be loved, what would be left?
Celebrating Saint Anthony's Day at his Fountain in front of Church in Santos
Tomorrow (June, 12th) we celebrate the Day of Lovers (it's a Valentine's Day but without the San Valentin, maybe because Saint Antonio of Padua is celebrated the day after that, and after all he's the patron of marriage and love. At least this is the romantic version. But there's a more markeatable approach saying that commerce decided to celebrate the day to inspire people to buy products for June was the worst month in the whole year to sell stuff. So be it for romantic reasons or more commercial ones, the fact is that without love our lives would be mean, and I mean, they will have no meaning. Love means beauty, happiness, lightness, laughter, dreams, and most of all it's to believe we can live love to its fullest. Even a love after life. After all it's all about love. Love, dove, love, above, love, glove that fits well. And everything (and everyone) else that surround it!


Mystery Book

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The Sun Sonnet

It amazes me that a sonnet I wrote thirty years ago which was published in High School (and that I still know by heart) about the drought that was happening in the north of Brazil is still so updated. Not just because it shows a fact that didn´t change at all in the last three decades, it´s a reflection that nothing has been done or was actually achieved really in terms of technology. It seems that so much has been developed in the sake of progress but so little we have advanced in humanitarian aid.
If the whole world has its eyes in the Amazon forest, why not look a little deeper and in the core to realize how many people are suffering not only with the flood from the Amazon river but also with the drought. So why not to invest in irrigation system when so many animals and people are scarcely living or dying with the dryness and starvation? Here I leave once again my sonnet hoping one day my verses will be considered from a past long gone and yet so demode: Sonnet for the people in the NOrtheast of Brazil

The sun cried with emotion
with the demands from the death.
"Water, I want a solution!"
A dried mouth, a hard breath.

Doctor sun sent a shower
to aliviate the pain.
Thinking it would empower
people from the drain.

But the showers went North
and it took houses, and blood.
People now suffers henceforth
from the drought and the mud.

Still we don´t know the destiny
of the people called "nordestinos".

Le soleil brésilien

Le soleil a pleuré d´émotion
par la demande desolée:
"J´ai besoin d´eau, d´une solution!"
L´odeur ardu dans la bouche séchée.

Doctor soleil a transcrit la pluie
pour remedier toute cette douleur.
Il n´a pas pensé que c´etait pire
et qu´il ferait naufrager son coeur.

La pluie a innondé l´espoir
du Nord du Bréesil, submergé par l´eau.
Mais malgré tout, on peut encore avoir

de la confiance au destin de ce peuple chaud
qui vit heureux au coeur sans vengeance
ilé et oublié, en attendant de faire beaux.

Soneto dos Nordestinos

O sol chorou de emoção
com o suplicante pedido
"Água, quero água, irmão!"
A boca seca, o halito ardido.

Doutor sol receitou uma chuva,
um alivio imediato aquela dor.
Pensou "Caiu como uma luva!"
Não pensava que aumentara o calor.

A chuva invadiu casas, derrubou arvores.
Mitigou corações e despedaçou lembranças.
Corroeu as veias da terra em dissabores.

E a esse povo que ainda tem esperança,
Nao se sabe ao certo o destino dessa gente
Ilhada, humilhada e esquecida completamente(?)
O "completamente" entre parágrafos e com um ponto de interrogação, pois eu nao esqueci nunca.


Happy Leap Day!

Every four years I do some crazy stuff for the leap day. After all we only have that special occasion as much in a lifetime. And according to the series 30 Rock, what you do this day doesn't count anyway. So I'd rather make something funny and creative instead. Like I quoted in my twitter account:

Thanks to @alecbaldwin and #30rock I'm wearing yellow and blue. Don't ask me why, just watch the show on the episode about #leapday

A leap year ago... funny bunny but I think it should exist, this expresssion to mention each four years, it passes way too fast. So fast, it jumps over the years.

The last leap day I spent creating ecological bags through recycle materials. You can view them on my entry HERE

I also managed to create a clothline based upon the art of camouflage.

Imagine turning a bag into a dress or a top... or going to the beach with a pareo having a small bag looking like a shell-

This year I decided to spend it leaping, literally. So I jumped on my facebook page and threw a bunch of pics of me and my Preta jumping like bunnies. What a thrill!

I don't want to jump into conclusions but I'm guessing everyone is expressing a different mood about this extra day, although I'm pretty sure the majority of people just like to spend the day like every other day from the other 365. And maybe that's what makes everything so special to me, that I want to celebrate each and every trivial occasion, it's my way of dealing with things that counts after all.

And you?? How are you spending leap day? Hope you have an awesome bissextile year!



I don't support SOPA, I don't support PIPA. I can't stand the smoke signs and soup I only care in the winter. Would Mickey Mouse and Tom & Jerry survive that long if it wasn't that easy to hold a mouse and copycat?? Copyright is one thing, censoring our freedom of expression converting digital sharing in crime indiscriminately and undistinguishably should be forever banished. Just my two pennies over the issue.