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Hell on Earth

On the way to The Prom (The Wilsons Promontory) a National Park in Victoria the roads were closed and people had to be evacuated the day before, there were still fire burning in the forest. Just another sign of the global warming affecting the whole world, as temperatures reached 48 degrees two days before the firebush started and in a very dry condition. They are saying that the death toll from that perfect fire storm, the worst in all history of Australia will reach or surpass 300 people. I've had just passed through those such beautiful places and I feel so sorry for all that happenned.

Being so close to the bushfires made me even more focused about the tragedy that affected Victoria's wildlife. And I was touched by the koalas reaching for water when just days before I had seen them quietly resting on the trees... and all the pics I saw in the news, especially of a little marsupial with all four burned claws being treated which I post as a manifestation of mourning over those other millions of wildlife who could not even have the chance to make it through.
More than a million wildlife are gone in consequence. In the most devastating one right in Marysville power lines caused the fire. I am saddened by all the victims in Victoria's tragedy but we should not only blame the flames on bush... we all should take better care of Mother Nature. We need to cooperate with Earth more than operate on her. Or we won't survive to tell the tale.

The aftermath of the Victorian bushfires in a beach nearby: