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For Christmas and for all the years to come...

Many came but only two blue did appear.
Enlaced in a sleigh, all happy the reindeer,
Rolled in the snow that covered the house,
Reindeer darling of she who's Ana Claus,
Yell to the whole world to hear:

Christ, the Lord, oh so near!
Holy Saints rejoice and sing,
Real life comes for us to bring
In tender thoughts and dear salvation
So is the Lord and all His Creation.
Tender and sweet as the little things
Mild and soft He who is the King.
All in one voice echoing with no parallel:
Save us the Lord, it's Noel, Noel, Noel!

Book for Donation
"Sea Sons" live in harmony with nature, showing how the four elements add beauty and grace to the entire world throughout the whole year. An old-fashioned illustrated and bilingual book with Christmas Carol and rhymes in English and Portuguese. Proceeds from this book are going to the donation of clothes, books, toys, food and other basic needs for children in Brazil who live in slums. The best way to make a child smile is to giving in person. It's priceless and the most rewarding thing in the world. So I promise to post pictures with those smiles and videos here and on my blogpage of those kids singing and dancing in joy, enjoying their gifts: their own lives.
Sea Sons- Rhymes & Songs:

(In Portuguese) As Quatro Fadas:


It's a Dog's Life!

In a world so hard,
made of steel,
a loyal dog steals
my heart...

Without a single clue
in a royal rescue, so true,
he saves his dead companion
of being torn apart.


Un perro callejero arriesgando su vida sacó a otro can que había sido atropellado en Santiago de Chile.


Orbiting at the Theater

I was listenning (and singing) Brazilian songs from Djavan to Chico Buarque and Milton Nascimento with a variety of Jazz musicians and other Brazilian Popular Music groups (the majority from Argentina) at the First Music Festival of Bossa Nova that took place in Mendoza, Argentina (December, 5th and 6th 2008). I took a couple of pictures and what was my surprise to realize just now that there were some orbs around the stage (maybe they were orbitating dancers just enjoying the show). Then after I left the theater I saw a group of scholars celebrating their Prom. I took a pic and voila, more orbs around. I guess it was a great heavenly party night at the city of Mendoza after all. And it's not only at night the fairies go party. During the day they are all around, at least in my garden of flowers. (Click on Pics and look for Orbs:)