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Human Rights

What is the origin of misogyny, xenophobia and homophobia? Why is there still so much violence against women, foregneirs and homosexuals being perpetuated, and people thinking they have the right to do so much wrongs against the human rights? Why is the female boasted to be so scary, menacing? And why the Amazons were considered legends instead of being defended and defined in the historical context as liberating and emancipating of the soul? If their tales and exploits were banned or punished, muffled by society and the power, but embedded in the human psyche and they survive until today. The book I recently published on Amazon covers the historical awareness of nature that both contributes to the perpetuation of inequality and the role of men and women in society in turn generating a distortion of power, values and principles that generate violence.

"Memoirs of an Amazon" is a story about past lives revealing mysteries and sliding over the realm of the imaginary that challenges mankind to the vision of a society free of prejudice to the eradication of the root of problems rather complex. And that vision would benefit both the arrival of a time of peace and the dissolution of discords and the solution of challenges between such misunderstanding that plagues the world today.
So talking about human rights, there are a lot of wrongs until we get it right as prejudice and contempt for citizens considered inferior, and any act of domination and discrimination on ethnic or national origin, including what is also considered a violation by the Conference United Nations Conference on Human Rights (Vienna, 1993), which formally recognized violence against women as a violation of Human Rights.

This post is my way of taking part of Blog Action Day, a Global initiative which I participate since it has begun in 2007:
Last year the theme was "The Power of WE"

In 2011 the theme was FOOD
In 2010 we talked about a very serious issue:WATER
In 2009 I somehow missed it to talk about "My Multimedia Books"
In 2008 I was "Fighting Poverty in the World"
And the last and the first but not the least to burst Global Warming