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Hello all,

Sorry I've been away... actually, I am "sorryn't..." for I was travelling on the west coast in California. Got some new videos for you that were recorded on September the ninth, last Sunday, at the Palace of Fine Arts in Marina District, on San Francisco bay. One is a demonstration of Tai Chi/Chi Kung practices (and yes, that IS me!:)) and other two about monocyclists from whom we can really rely on learning so much about energy, balance and... cycles.Just copy and paste the codes below on your browser:

Ana's Chi Kung: Gathering the Chi energy on Dan Tian

"The DAO Workbook Illustrated" stimulates the practitioner’s inner life through meditation and positive focus. A way of developing psychic abilities and attention, it helps prevent diseases. A support for other therapies recommended to all.

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El DAO, oTao, propone combinar la Tradición Oriental del Chi Kung con la Danza Clásica y Moderna Occidental por medio de una práctica diaria de higiene mental y física, de rejuvenecimiento y bien-estar físico-mental-emocional /espiritual tan necesaria para atenuar el agotamiento de la vida moderna cotidiana.