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Celebrating Years of Work

I've just got the news that "Life is Too Short..." is going to be released in April by Devine Destinies. And I'm simply dazzled by the cover of my new book created by Angie Waters (

This book is about past lives experiences, about the future, but most importantly about the precious moment that is NOW.

For over twenty years I've been directed to play so many roles it was virtually impossible to keep track of them all. Until last year when I got my own camera and found out that to be on the other side is much more amusing... it's even more fun if you can manage to be in both ways (and at the same time:)

L'amour que je ressente pour l'Art
me fait chanter comme un oiseau qui part
a voler dans les abimes du ciel bleu
l'oiseau qui veux vivre
a chanter tout autour...


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It's in the mood to take attitude and meditating over the International Women's Day that here I just joined a contest. May the best (of any gender) win!
Best Original Oil Pain...

The thing is I don't think we advanced much as humans, not in the sense of a spiritual advance. When I just hear in the news of intrafamiliar violence, and a recent case of rape of a nine year old girl who then got pregnant (and of twins) I still have hopes men will evolve. 200 years of Darwinism and nothing really changed. Well, it takes millions of years for a specie to evolve. Maybe one hundred years more and we will be able to stay free of those cruel acts. If we cannot even stay safe and in peace in our own homes.


Burning in Melbourne

On what they called the Black Saturday, temperatures rising up to 48 degrees Celsius in Victoria, the same day the bushfires started, and nothing more to do but take a bath on the beach in Melbourne. High winds and hot weather, beside the drought that kept the area for many months, all too many of ominous signs in many of the fire danger zones across the state and over all of the global climate change. A HOT DAY: On February, 7th, 2009= 2+7=9 and 2009=11, which equals 9/11, the hottest someone could get, to never forget...

Up to now the fire consumed a large part of the native forest, and the bushfires are still devastating the area, as the wind grows stronger and the high temperatures still remaining, making it impossible for the firefighters to just act in the whole region. It's just sad that there is not much we can do but pray that rain will finally come on the way.