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The Sun Sonnet

It amazes me that a sonnet I wrote thirty years ago which was published in High School (and that I still know by heart) about the drought that was happening in the north of Brazil is still so updated. Not just because it shows a fact that didn´t change at all in the last three decades, it´s a reflection that nothing has been done or was actually achieved really in terms of technology. It seems that so much has been developed in the sake of progress but so little we have advanced in humanitarian aid.
If the whole world has its eyes in the Amazon forest, why not look a little deeper and in the core to realize how many people are suffering not only with the flood from the Amazon river but also with the drought. So why not to invest in irrigation system when so many animals and people are scarcely living or dying with the dryness and starvation? Here I leave once again my sonnet hoping one day my verses will be considered from a past long gone and yet so demode: Sonnet for the people in the NOrtheast of Brazil

The sun cried with emotion
with the demands from the death.
"Water, I want a solution!"
A dried mouth, a hard breath.

Doctor sun sent a shower
to aliviate the pain.
Thinking it would empower
people from the drain.

But the showers went North
and it took houses, and blood.
People now suffers henceforth
from the drought and the mud.

Still we don´t know the destiny
of the people called "nordestinos".

Le soleil brésilien

Le soleil a pleuré d´émotion
par la demande desolée:
"J´ai besoin d´eau, d´une solution!"
L´odeur ardu dans la bouche séchée.

Doctor soleil a transcrit la pluie
pour remedier toute cette douleur.
Il n´a pas pensé que c´etait pire
et qu´il ferait naufrager son coeur.

La pluie a innondé l´espoir
du Nord du Bréesil, submergé par l´eau.
Mais malgré tout, on peut encore avoir

de la confiance au destin de ce peuple chaud
qui vit heureux au coeur sans vengeance
ilé et oublié, en attendant de faire beaux.

Soneto dos Nordestinos

O sol chorou de emoção
com o suplicante pedido
"Água, quero água, irmão!"
A boca seca, o halito ardido.

Doutor sol receitou uma chuva,
um alivio imediato aquela dor.
Pensou "Caiu como uma luva!"
Não pensava que aumentara o calor.

A chuva invadiu casas, derrubou arvores.
Mitigou corações e despedaçou lembranças.
Corroeu as veias da terra em dissabores.

E a esse povo que ainda tem esperança,
Nao se sabe ao certo o destino dessa gente
Ilhada, humilhada e esquecida completamente(?)
O "completamente" entre parágrafos e com um ponto de interrogação, pois eu nao esqueci nunca.