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BLOG ACTION DAY: Why "water" is a vital issue

The UN declared access to clean water and sanitation as a human right on July, 28th of this year (a day before my b'day, by the way!:) o what does that mean?? It means an effort and most of all a commitment for all governments... well, not all as some countries abstained their votes, mostly from the developed countries which claim they don't want to pay for the underdeveloped countries' toilet. Now the question is, "If there is no safe water to drink anywhere, how is it possible for anyone to have clean water in their own home if the planet is one? Do I make sense here. So instead of abstaining of taking action with a matter that is vital to ALL of US, and I say US as the whole world, shouldn't it be worried and help EVERYONE to live in a blue planet free from pollution and diseases?? Remember that SWINE FLUE that attacked not only Mexico but the whole planet not long ago? Yes, that was thanks for a bad sanitation that could be avoided by simply having access to clean water.

Search of the Blue Lagoon from Ana Antunes on Vimeo.

So instead of turning our heads and saying "That's nothing to do with me" let's face the problem and see that, YES, that has everything to do with you, with me, with all of us living in this amazing planet, which can and will provide all the resources if we use it wisely.

Water Resource on Planet Earth from Ana Antunes on Vimeo.

So finally here are some tips we can start right now to act:
Ask your government to take action now but stopping polluting our rivers and ocean with oil spills and other chemical substances that just deteriorate our beautiful planet Earth.

Don't use hot water when cleaning your clothes. They are well clean with just cold and besides the colours from your cool T-shirts won't be washed away if you use soft cycles.

Use the same water you shower yourself by having a recipient big enough to control the amount of water that goes out to flush the toilet, cleaning your backyard, your floor with what is called greywater.

When brushing your teeth or cleaning the dishes, don't spare water. Just use it when the whole ensemble are well brushed and wash it with conscience.

Actually every move you make with consciousness is a blessing to the entire world.