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Hi-Calls (a Cross tic)

San Juan de la Cruz, Patron of all poets, died in the night of December, 13/14, in a mystical place in the South of Spain. I spent my vacation last year in Andalusia and Portugal, where San Juan used to travel to apply his charity healings/hearings. In a very humid day, I went to visit his humble church there in Ubeda. I felt his presence in each corner of the building, and especially on the small table where he lied on his last days. As homage to this great Saint, whose works were influenced by Oriental philosophical concepts, I made a Novena in a Haiku alliteration/alteration of nine stanzas with nine words, each one of them made for each precedent day before the Christmas Eve (which is, beginning from today, in nine days). I hope you enjoy it as well. Have A Happy Holiday!

San Juan de la Cruz
Ilumina sua luz.

Hi-Calls (a Cross tic)

Estrada praieira
Gotas de chuva
O sabor a sal

Beach city
Electric rain assaults
Taste like pepper salt.

Polluted city
Utters state so critic
Raindrops acid citric.

Evolved world
Lack of words
For human's ambitions.

Sky in graffiti
Art for elite
Tainted rainbow seat.

The oak tree
Envelops a secret:
A leaf falls.

Wind blows
In the cold breeze
Numb heart freezes.

White snow falls
Attacking army.
Red stains the scene.

Saint on the fountain.
Embare Sea
A church sees.

Ana C.

Note: Saint Anthony of Embare Basilic is a Gothic Church that contemplates the sea, and it's located in front of a sculpture of Saint Anthony in the center of a fountain. And Embare means "waters that heal" in Brazilian Indian language, and it's a beach located on my birthplace city of Santos (Saints) in Brazil where I will spend Christmas this year.

How about you? Do you have a+cross+tic to share?


United Artists

There is a very nice blog here where they explain little by little (and with minimal and decimal of details) why the writers are on strike in America. There are many, many reasons, but the bottom line is:
"Don't let
them get
us out like pet
on the internet" (and I just in-vented that!;)

Now they posted a video where screenwriter Phil Alden Robinson of "Fields of Dreams" tells us how in each generation (let's say, twenty years) that technology advance takes place, and writers find themselves LOST (no pun intended) and like the Desperate Housewives (no pun here either) they too complain to get their bargain. (the Desperate Housewives' comments)

So I went there and commented about how grateful I am that they are on this fight now. I just didn't know I would get into another fight. (giggles) View the comments and see it yourself what I am talking about:
Comments on United Hollywood Blog

Now I feel obliged to apologize if ever the captain of that titanic ship (or any other writer) comes to read my comments there or my ramblings here on my humble spaceship:

"dear captain:
Being a writer I should have known you would take my comments literally (gasp) Mea Culpa (gasp) But since I sympathise with the whole deal, in solidarity with the "WAG" (gasp) and the WGA, and just to cool things down a little (no pun intended), here is a dollar coin to go buy you a beer
...but no strings attached. Cheers!"


A Flower in your Garden...

You Are A Lily

You are a nurturer and all around natural therapist.
People see you as their rock. And they are able to depend on you.
You are a soothing influence. You can make people feel better with a few words.
Your caring has more of an impact than even you realize.


A Good Review

I got a very nice critique over another piece of mine which was published on August at the Aphelion Webzine (and I do not even know this chick Junior Critic, I swear!!:)

How cool is that?!

Memorable Mention on my poem "Outsider"

What a Shakin' experience!!


Antarctic Treat: A Tetric Trick

It's freezing scary the reasons why so many eyes are into the North and South poles. I am now petrified by the fact that the news are announcing the resurrection of foreigners exploration interests on the Antarctic region for natural gas, oil (petroleum) and other mineral extractions. In an allusion to Pink "Flood" we should proclaim, "Leave the penguins all-one!!"
There are just so many ways to use the resources we are already using anyway, such as recycling and purifying natural elements to bother putting your teeth on the ice pudding. Knowing that the Antarctica Continent is the largest natural resource of clean, fresh and pure water to the entire planet, and that there is no limit to humans greed and ambitions with serious disastrous consequences to this unique ecosystem, the results of such enterprising would be catastrophic to all present humanity. After all, would you pour dirty water on your own tea?? I don't think so.

But the clock is tick(l)ing and the bomb will explode if we do not stop those staring eyes that were not satisfied to only contemplate but ate all the natural beauty...

Tic or Tea?? It's just a matter of time.

A dessert to deserters in the desert surges,
"I know your urges!
I am good meat,
So come and eat.”
One deserter with the eyes full of lust
asks, “can I trust?
My mind is fecund!”
“Not even a second!
I am just a mirage on the desert.
You are so pervert...”
He took a bite
with his tongue uptight.

All Mine!!

There she came showing off her flesh,
"I am so fresh,
I am so neat,
So come and eat.”

He stared at her, eyes full of lust,
"You became rust,
You're now all red..."
"Are you not glad??"

She sighed and into tears she burst,
"To Hell", she cursed,
Let drop or droop
He who's no dupe.

(A Minute to ponder on a metaphor
of what we've been doing to Mother Earth)

Ana Bowlova


Blog Action Day: A Global Warning... Aquiescencia Global (Vote)

At last, we should care for Mother's Earth.
Let's all act today for a better tomorrow,
Or the future will be filled with sorrow...
Having good conscience has its worth!
Ana C.

All my paintings and handcrafts are made on recycle paper
And NO to those Plastic Bags that keep making the sea life sick!
I also make handmade bags with my creations on organic cotton with acrylic and painting for fabrics.

Walk more, be fit and enjoy Nature in a Stress Free "Feet-ness" in Bora Bora
I created polls on my community "Dance As One" on ORKUT about the problems we all face today.

What's the Best Solution to Stop Global Warming??
What would you be willing to do to help our Earth??

[X] Use less automobile, car and walk more??
[X] Talk/Meet with governamental authorities
[X] Denounce ecological crimes
[X] Stop smoking
[X] Recycle more
[X] Not waste water, to cleanse, rinse, with economy
[X] Unplug any devices or electronic supplies while they're not being used.
[X] Warn people about the problems we face today
[X] Plant trees (I've got plenty of avocado trees after I started recycling on my garden:)

(You may add an option here if you don't see it above)

Now I'm takling showers and rinsing my hair while I fill up a tank with the water I used. This way I have it to clean the floor, wash the toilet and flush up the residuals. I cannot just sit down and watch the global weather changing so radically, and one should be blind not to notice that the changing is real and scary too! Anyway, hugging trees, I should have named that too, for I also do that a lot, especially for those which protect me from those acid rains and from the gigantic tempests that's been happening more and more over the years. Such a shame we didn't take care of that, although much have been said (and not done) since that ECO convention that took place in Rio in the early nineties. Back then I already had my ecological agenda when someone asked me, "Is it because Ecology is IN??" Like saying that I was just following a trend, the new fashion... Well, I said, "Nope, it's because the subject is so out there and we seem to do so little. I'm just getting started with that!" So much that we still need to learn. Tell me about economy!! Soon there will be no more Politics, or Economics: only ECOS!! If you have other suggestions I will be just thrilled to learn... Also take a look Here, and find out that one person can actually help stop the global climate drastic changings.

Find Recycle Centers near you. Thank you and Mahalo!

Actually, I remember me hugging trees when I was a little girl. They soothed my heart many times, when I was the one who needed a hug... I guess it was my own instincts telling me that I needed them to be alive! I also talked to them... they used to tell me many stories... like a grandma!! Oh, those old days when we could stop by just to listen out... some good connections! What am I talking about?? Old days, no way!! I'll be right back... I just remember that I have a tree I just planted to give a hug full of CHI... Cheers!



Hello all,

Sorry I've been away... actually, I am "sorryn't..." for I was travelling on the west coast in California. Got some new videos for you that were recorded on September the ninth, last Sunday, at the Palace of Fine Arts in Marina District, on San Francisco bay. One is a demonstration of Tai Chi/Chi Kung practices (and yes, that IS me!:)) and other two about monocyclists from whom we can really rely on learning so much about energy, balance and... cycles.Just copy and paste the codes below on your browser:

Ana's Chi Kung: Gathering the Chi energy on Dan Tian

"The DAO Workbook Illustrated" stimulates the practitioner’s inner life through meditation and positive focus. A way of developing psychic abilities and attention, it helps prevent diseases. A support for other therapies recommended to all.

More info at:

El DAO, oTao, propone combinar la Tradición Oriental del Chi Kung con la Danza Clásica y Moderna Occidental por medio de una práctica diaria de higiene mental y física, de rejuvenecimiento y bien-estar físico-mental-emocional /espiritual tan necesaria para atenuar el agotamiento de la vida moderna cotidiana.


Like a Fair-Y Tail/Como Un Cuento de Nadas

Everybody knows where they were when the Twin Towers went down. And everybody (except the youngster) remembers as well exactly where (S)He were when John Lennon and Princess Diana were killed. I remember I was thirsty and I just wanted to grab a drink at the bar on the corner of the beach Barra do Sahy, in Sao Paulo. Everyone inside the bar was static, in front of the television set, mesmerized and in shock. They all looked so blue and so collapsed that someone should have asked to them, "who died??" Exactly, it was Lady Di. Such an impact that a major figure causes to all, it was heart broken especially for the way that happened. She had many choices in her life. In a bifurcation, with two paths to decide where to lead her own heart, she chose to remain true to herself and define her destiny by her own principles, refusing to be dictated by a restrict regimen. This is my homage to her. She will be always remembered by her devotion and sweet smile. May she rest in Peace.

Royal Diary-An Excerpt

We must reinvent our way,
every day,
like a fairy tale,
like the Princess of Wales.

Hay que reinventarse,
sobre todo y sobre nada,
como a un cuento de hadas. Ana C.


A Total Eclipse of the Art!

As in a week
I will fly away
over LA.

Yet I am still breathing a brief moment of contentment for I just spent my b'day on my birthplace with my family. And I just came back from a short trip to Brazil... 'twas an exhilarating time on the shores of the Atlantic island, in a deep meditative state in a month of introspection and retrospective. There will be a total lunar eclipse early in the morning. And Saturn transits through the last degree of Leo during this eclipse. That's co(S)mically said, it is advisable to check out the results of our decisions over the past two-and-a-half years of our lives. I have nothing to complain from those last couple of years. My books have been sold like fresh bread and I just signed a contract with a Canadian publisher. How about that for a starter? Am I ready to get down to start a new chapter? Oh yeah, I am ready! I'll roll up my sleeves and get ahead with some new work. I will just have to clean up a little to get started with a fresh and bright perspective. I also decided to recycle everything that comes up in my mind and hands, so I take all the trash and, without wasting it, I transform whatever doesn't serve any more to something useful and colorful. I've been using watercolour, brushes and pencil, and not only the pen and, with no pain, I paint and create new things to decorate the lives of those who love and enjoy artistic objects/subjects. I make things in a personal style so no one will achieve the same thing twice, so much for the handicraft style. What's Art anyway? Isn't that something you can feel pleasure about, or something that touches you in a unique way, even if you don't like it, you can still be absorbed by its own beauty? That's something to ponder about. I promise to get back from my tiny little cruise throughout California with 'tides and bites' and lots of mov~i~es to share.
"I have my head set to California..."
And I've got to warn you... I'll be back, baby!

P.S. Just in case I miss the eclipse of the moon, I will still have the stars to count on. And I have my fingers crossed, and my eyes wide open lurking, looking for a star there, in California bay areas, BABY!!! I will have my cellular and video cam ready to roll... a pen would be nice too, for an autograph, or even to take note over a phone number(??) You know, I threw away the numbers I had... (giggles) Silly me!!




The number SEVEN makes frequent appearances in the Bible (God is said to have rested on the seventh day) and is considered sacred in both Islam and Judaism. Imagine then that three times fold. The basic idea of the Three-Fold Law is that whatever you do (good or bad) will come back to you, three times its worth, in reward or punishment... so better be good today!!;)

By the Law of Attraction what you believe draws the energy to you, and whatever you put out to the universe comes back to you. SO BELIEVE and LIVE the Truth that you make your own reality and dream come true!!

Also the symbols for the number seven are a triangle (3) with a square (4) which added (3+4=7) reaches to the rich SEVEN. And if you have that added three times the result will be a pyramid. If you make a point in the core of the cube, you create nine vertices from two pyramids that kiss each other: one looks up and sustains the other pointing south. They are in perfect balance for they both have their own basis but are joined by a common centre. And that's the point I share with the readers who watch "Voyage to the Fourth Dimension"as if remembering a dream flight. A metaphor based upon human relationships and the search for the equilibrium inside the soul. It is about the shift of reality, when the life of the protagonist took a new dimension, as if a cube inserted inside a cube inside another cube. If you add the numbers of vortices you arrive to 25 points which in turn adding 2 and 5 it arrives to seven (the sacred number) meaning all things spiritual.

____888b___"'' _______(.)_______"''__.d888


Patch me with you, can!

Here is an alternative use for those recycling cans:

Take a large piece of recycled paper and with a sponge embedded with coloured ink, paint the board with the design of your choice and see the effect of it over the paper: it will get a nice textured surface. When it's already dried make four circles, using a can to trace the circumference over the board, and making sure the borders are large enough to be able to fold. Then cut the circles, insert the cans under them and bend the borders. With the circles that were already taken from the board bend them in semicircles and place each one of them in every corner, making sure there is glue enough to make them fit on the surface. Now fill the cans with earth and plant some seeds. Voila! You've got a new decoration for your garden.

If you wish to know more about Arts & crafts with collage, here is a book to play with your mind while it fulfils your heart:


An Accidental Immigrant

This is the continuation of my old blog that you may find on the link below:
"My Old Blog"

This is indeed to be considered a short story yet so true, for the experience of being an immigrant in America didn't last that long:

I entered the United States in the end of the ebullient Y2K with roughly my Basic English and a couple of dollars on my pocket, and no idea of what to expect or what I was going to do. My husband’s company transferred him to work for at least three years in Washington, D.C. My Visa Status didn’t allow me to work. Nevertheless, as soon as I put my two feet on the ground I started to work hard, as it seemed that everyone around there was basically doing that. I wrote and illustrated more than fifteen picture books and my staying home had me inspired for more three novels.
I got that opportunity of "doing no-thin" within my hands and, with my own time and my own dime, I started to write my memoirs and a book about Out-of-Body Experiences encouraged by my active participation in an amazing forum in the net as I surprised myself by writing a whole lot about one sole subject. Time seemed to run, or rather, fly, while I kept myself pretty busy. In the meantime, I also experienced some overwhelming events, not only with personal and deep emotional stressful proofs and pains, but mostly situations from the outside as "The September Eleven tragedy", when I had just crossed New York City, a stalker menace at home, and (who can forget it? Only those who didn't have to pass through it) the Sniper Case, which took place right at the corner from where I lived.

Anyway, life continued. And although it seemed pretty dangerous to be just walking around my neighbourhood, nevertheless, I decided to give classes for free in an Academy some three blocks away, which also gave me the opportunity to practice the so-obviously-necessary art of self-defence, of course.

A law finally arrived that spouses of workers would be allowed to work to help increase the economy for the crisis seemed to be there to stay after one year and a half (and what a heck of a year!) I was thrilled that I could finally apply for a work permit. The INS issued my Employment Authorization on July on the day of my birthday. And I wonder if they did it on my behalf…yes, I have a dream!

I was so thrilled that I could finally work where I really enjoyed the atmosphere and doing what I loved since I was a little girl (and earn money for that!) So I started to give Ballet classes the same day I got my card.

Three months later I was invited to perform and choreograph.

The classroom
where I taught at Black Rock Center for the Arts, in Germantown.

I started to realize that my English was actually improving, as well as my brave new life there. I had the pleasure to see the incredibly rapid development of the number and work of my own students, and of all the home improvement we did, my husband and I, with our own hands, in our apartment. My books were miraculously getting in shape as well. And I could finally call America home. It was a splendour moment! Everything sounded to be going with a divine touch for me in my newly-adopted home.

** I had often said to a neighbour friend of mine, who also lived as an Immigrant, though she had married to an American man, that we should always play by the book. That if we do it all accordingly with the local laws there would be no mistakes and we should be safe. Little would I know then that I was so far from the truth. **

When everything seemed to be working out perfectly well for the newly-added wedded couple, without any notice, they kicked me out of the country, for my Visa depended on my husband's and he got laid off. ** I just didn't get deported because I left the country before this could even happen. I acted faster, and I left a week before my Visa would actually expire. So no problem when I took that plane, crying once I found my seat, and while I travelled around the red light from the obelisk that seemed to watch me like a spy eye. Deportation never came that near me, though, thank God!! Nevertheless, as a victim of the system, I had some very mixed feelings, from anger to profound sadness over my fondest hopes. All this frustration were especially due to the first time that I was actually obliged to be separated from my half-orange.** I had to leave before my husband did. We stayed more than five months without seeing each other, just trying to get our basis settled somewhere else, as we had to start from scratch (and when you start to scratch you cannot stop it!) We had to restart our lives from ground zero, the right beginning from where we left it, just once again... Now he wants me to write a book he insists me that I should promote with already a title:


But I told him instead, with a peculiar good mood, in spite of all the changes we quickly had to go through:

“I just wrote a book about taking off...You should be the one to write a book about being laid off. For I was a mere collateral damage. I felt this as a third person not as my own. So the impact of my writings wouldn't be as strong as your talking about what happened to you. Besides writing about that will make you feel better.” As well as writing about my personal experiences make me feel so great that I decided to devote a lifetime on being a writer since I was a little girl.

So now I am ready to write a new book. It already has a title:

"Live&Work in the US without kicking your ass"

I bet it will be a best-seller, although I do not intend to earn an award for that. Well, at least I hope my experiences will serve as a warning to all those who come to live in another country.

** So here I created a list of "Things You Should Never Do Before..." thinking about going through a time-consuming enervating stressing painful process of getting into the Immigration whirlwind:


Revise your employment contract. If you see any clause that state that you should leave the country when they terminate at any given time, be cautious: that could mean they can kick you out at any time THEY want and not tell you with any prior notification.


Any small detail is really REALLY important. Review your employment authorization. Does it say that you are only allowed to work as much as you have a contract from any employer? That means you can only work if someone is willing to get you a signed contract and it doesn't matter if you signed a contract (which I did) for if your Visa Status depends on something else (I mean, ANYTHING) that is a WARNING signal saying you are screwed!


If you get a job while in your new country make sure the contract exposes a guarantee where you can still have the job no matter what. And before you commit to your employer make sure he or she will allow you to work and extend the status of your VISA authorization. All that INDEPENDENTLY of the Visa Status from your spouse. Something that I should have done with the Ballet Company which hired me. And I didn't, which made both the Director and I cry in a quick, but deep blue farewell.

There are so many more advices and the list is too long for this short-story. ** Anyway, if you hear about a bunch of American girls dancing in the US a Ballet choreographed with a Brazilian Music, remember me, for this might have a touch of my magical wand. I tried to give the best from what had been given to me. In a subtle manner that beat left me with a piece of each of my students' heart, when they all wrote me the most endearing notes on a farewell card. Still my heart danced joyously as a snowflake at "The Nutcracker" with the Metropolitan Ballet Theatre. Although they had decided that there was another Snow queen, so I just had a demi role. As it seems that this is what God gave to us, anyway: this role as demigods, that sometimes turns some others into demagogues... What a gag! Not for me, though; I already have a tough time trying to find another gig...
To read more about my True Hell... I mean, Holy & Odd Story here is the link for a preview of the book:

"Holy and Odd Story"