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What a sunday!! I got a show of nature with Swan singing in Symphony...

And then I got a live show-woman, the queen of Xanadu, nothing more nothing less than Olivia Newton John! I knew that she was in Chile. But to meet her, it was such a coincidence...well, I do not believe in coincidences, since I was thinking of her in the morning, about her awareness on Breast Cancer, imagining that someone in her family also died of cancer, who is actually true, her own father. And it was such a hot day, that after taking my dog to a walk in the park I screamed for an ice cream...And look who was there having brunch? So I waited for her, and when she left the place, I said, "Olivia!" "Yeah...", she answered to me, so casual yet with so much charisma and caring as if meeting a long lost friend. Then I asked her when or if she was coming to Brazil again for I wanted her to take another pic with my brother. All that she wanted it was to give water to my pet, who is always in the move (just like me), saying, "See, she was thirsty... it was all that she wanted..." And that because I had already given my Preta a bottle of water. Such a lucky dog, Pretty Preta, to drink from Olivia's bottle! Olivia has such a great energy and she's an inspiration to us all... She's indeed a living legend!!!!:)) So here I share this moment with you:

It's so amazing, just to think about my whole childhood spent listening to all the vinyl albums with Olivia Newton-John's music that my brother collected, just to thirty years later have the same fate as my brother did of meeting her....and talking to her. That was priceless. Thank God and thanks to the Universe, for allowing the Law of Attraction and syncronicities to happen in such wonderful ways...
Here's the pic that my brother took with her when she was in Rio, to spending the Carnaval in Brazil (when she was thirty-two) and when I mentioned that she said, "Yeah, it was a long time ago!":)


BLOG ACTION DAY: Why "water" is a vital issue

The UN declared access to clean water and sanitation as a human right on July, 28th of this year (a day before my b'day, by the way!:) o what does that mean?? It means an effort and most of all a commitment for all governments... well, not all as some countries abstained their votes, mostly from the developed countries which claim they don't want to pay for the underdeveloped countries' toilet. Now the question is, "If there is no safe water to drink anywhere, how is it possible for anyone to have clean water in their own home if the planet is one? Do I make sense here. So instead of abstaining of taking action with a matter that is vital to ALL of US, and I say US as the whole world, shouldn't it be worried and help EVERYONE to live in a blue planet free from pollution and diseases?? Remember that SWINE FLUE that attacked not only Mexico but the whole planet not long ago? Yes, that was thanks for a bad sanitation that could be avoided by simply having access to clean water.

Search of the Blue Lagoon from Ana Antunes on Vimeo.

So instead of turning our heads and saying "That's nothing to do with me" let's face the problem and see that, YES, that has everything to do with you, with me, with all of us living in this amazing planet, which can and will provide all the resources if we use it wisely.

Water Resource on Planet Earth from Ana Antunes on Vimeo.

So finally here are some tips we can start right now to act:
Ask your government to take action now but stopping polluting our rivers and ocean with oil spills and other chemical substances that just deteriorate our beautiful planet Earth.

Don't use hot water when cleaning your clothes. They are well clean with just cold and besides the colours from your cool T-shirts won't be washed away if you use soft cycles.

Use the same water you shower yourself by having a recipient big enough to control the amount of water that goes out to flush the toilet, cleaning your backyard, your floor with what is called greywater.

When brushing your teeth or cleaning the dishes, don't spare water. Just use it when the whole ensemble are well brushed and wash it with conscience.

Actually every move you make with consciousness is a blessing to the entire world.


Au fer et au feu/By Iron & by Fire

"The Pierrot's Love" on Amazon

The touching and compelling story of a ghost trying to be heard by a teenage girl who simply thinks she's a nutcase when she starts to hear the voice from the other side. Or would that be another fragment of her shattered soul? When she thinks she gets rid of what was haunting her it's when the ghost presents herself to be part of her own life, a life she had lost a longtime ago, only then she sees she was even more lost than the girl hovering over her mind. A mystery thriller with somewhat paranormal activity on the way, a mixture of Back to the Future and Ghostbuster but located in both Paris and London. A ballerina gets burnt and burst out when she looses her motion during a Ballet presentation in Paris of the late ninteenth century. She eventually dies and starts to haunt a girl from the twenty-first century who apparently has been receiving some eeriie text messages over her cellular phone. There is murder and suspense all over the plot. Apparently her boyfriend is involved. But he's a ghost. She then has to become a ghostwriter literally speaking to solve the case.

"Bloody Shoes"

Screenplay from an adaptation of the mystery/suspense novel "The Pierrot's Love"
by Ana Claudia Antunes

A Dance As One Production



The sound of an organ eerily playing "Tocatta" from Bach. A man holding a wallet with labels from many travels gets out of the train. Talita eagerly waits for him. He holds her up, he's happy to see her, but mostly because now he can show her the invitation, proudly.

(holding the small piece of paper with the words:
“"Cinématographe" au Salon indien du Grand Café à Paris.
And the address, “14 Boulevard de Cappucines 14”)

Her hands trembling shows in small letters the description of the event, as a regular show, “This instrument invented by Mr Auguste and Louis Lumiere allows one to record, by a series of instantaneous shots, all movements that for some time given occur in front of an objective lens (...) and reproducing those moves projecting them, in grand scale and in large size, in front of a big audience, their images on the screen!


The sound of an organ softly playing "Tocatta" by Bach.

I gave up performing.

Don't you tell me it's still about that girl...

Those flames burning the theater where she was dancing still insists on haunting me every night. Her wings burning in that fire and yet I became frozen, I couldn't move, I couldn't save my friend.

Images of a ballerina still dancing in the theatre while her costumes burst into flames.

I heard her screaming...I saw her asking for help, flapping her arms like a bird and disappearing before my eyes, turning into ashes. Some nights the nightmares are so strong and vivid that it's as if Emma is there beside me, looking at me in the middle of the room.

The ballerina now looks relieved with her wings like two spots she becomes transparent and turns into a white light of fire, as she disappears from the scene. A ghost appears touching TALITA's shoulder.

That was just a terrible accident.
You shouldn't blame yourself for what happened to her.

(touching her shoulders and holding herself in an embrace)
“That was just an awful accident!” That's what they kept telling her too, but I felt horrible, for all she had to go through. She couldn't move her legs and her arms...oh, she couldn't even stretch them the way she used to. I also thought that this could be a second chance for her as well as for me and that I would make better than when I have done. But after all that happened I'm not so secure on my Ballet shoes anymore...

Tata, Tata, heart of gold,
your story has to be told!

A noise like a tapping on the wood like someone knocking the windowpane, “Ra-ta-ta-rat-a-ta!”

Now seriously, who's that??
It's not funny!! I cannot take this anymore.

The spectrum of Emma's soul hovering over her, caressing TALITA's hair and whispering to her ears as it seems that she cannot see her friend from the other side.

Don't be afraid, death is not the end.
Listen, Tata, I'm here to help you!


The Pierrot's Love-A Play In a Play

Screenplay by
Ana Claudia Antunes

Based upon the homonymous novel
© 2010 Dancing As One Productions

“Your soul is as a moonlit landscape fair,
Peopled with maskers delicate and dim,
That play on lutes and dance and have an air
Of being sad in their fantastic trim.

Then while they celebrate in minor strain
Triumphant love, effective enterprise,
They have an air of knowing all is vain,—
And through the quiet moonlight their songs rise,

The melancholy moonlight, sweet and lone,
That makes to dream the birds upon the tree,
And in their polished basins of white stone .
The fountains tall to sob with ecstasy.“
Paul Verlaine.


SUPER: A Dance As One Production


A continuous furious sound of frantic fingers typing over a computer's keyboard.



A long-haired blond woman on her middle forties is seated on a wooden chair in front of the kitchen table typing on her netbook. On the screen we can see she's been searching over the net, browsing on Google the words, "All is Vanity":

Shoot! That's already taken.


The woman is now with her hands over her head, mumbling with her voluminous hair covering half of the computer screen.

Ah! All is's all about love.
It has always been about love. Love, Love, Love!!

In the screen the words "THE PIERROT'S LOVE" appear like a magic trick, dancing over the keyboard, or rather trembling, and reaching out to the screen as if superimposed into another image, the words give place then to a black and white scene.


A continuous sound of frantic fingers typing over a computer's keyboard. Each word appearing on the scene one by one:



Dark, slippery sidewalks, wet streets. Seen through a ghostly appearance in a window's shop a shadow of a man approaching. A gas street lamp lightens up the ambiance where we can read the names of the two streets the man had just crossed, "Magnolias" and "Camelias". The man gets out of the shop with a bouquet of flowers in his hand. He heads to the Vaudeville Theatre that's just across the street from the flower shop. But before he arrives to the theatre he enters into a Cafe instead. He looks up and reads the name of the coffee shop.

Cafe au Fleur, bien sur!


ANDREW enters the small room leaving behind him a wet footprint mixed with the mud that had splashed over his shoes. His hat and coat drips water inside the coffee place as well. The owner looks at him with a grumpy face. Andrew sits in a chair and asks a waitress for a coffee, Andrew continues to drink his coffee frantically from the small cup, taking small sips with less than a second on each interval. He takes out his hat and puts it over the table, brushing the top with his fingers, without paying attention to the woman on the table beside him.

Oh, that' so rude!

The woman takes her bag up and points it to complain to the man that he had spilled water on her purse. Andrew finishes his coffee, taking a last sip from the white cup and sets the artifact made of Chinese porcelain over the small saucer. He then pours some coins over the table. He looks at the door and observes people walking on the street. He watches the clock every five seconds, like a nervous tic, he gets carried out with an anxiety that keeps growing as a hungry animal. He leaves the coffee house. He looks the place from the outdoor. We can see the sign in the tent over the cafe written in rococo words “Cafe Au Fleur”. He takes a deep breath in and smells the flowers and takes one of the roses from the bouquet that he nervously grab with too much more intensity than it seems necessary and puts the flower inside the front pocket from his coat.


“Moonlight Sonata” by Beethoven is playing. The man opens the heavy door made of thick wood and enters the old building. There in the dressing room lies another flower on a canape. The man looks pale when he watches a young woman changing her clothes through the mirror. He remembers their first conversation, her voice comes to his mind like a whisper dressed in small gusts of wind.

My love...

The voice gets stronger as he keeps reminding of old scenes.

The world of actors...
She will not be part of it!

What if she wants to be an actress? What if?

I don't think girls should worry about this.

Sounds of a train wagon rolling through its trails over the hard friction made of steel gets mixed with her strong statement as her voice increases in size and shape.

A pale apparition of a ghostly image reveals a woman seated in the canape, searching for a cigarette and crossing her legs as she tries to light it up.

God forbid she will have to suffer like I did.
I grieve just by thinking about it-
(looking at an empty space over the wall separating ANDREW from the young woman getting dressed on the other room)
And hopefully she will find a nice decent man to look after her.

ANDREW lost in his own reverie and frozen in icy introspection, keeps still, looking back at her with glassy eyes.


A young lady with no more than her thirties, but looking much younger, shakes her hands in a frenzy motion, waving at him from behind the curtain, without showing her face.

Alo, Andrew!

(Still talking to a phantom appearance of Therese)
But I guess I just have got into this bad habit of talking to myself, or rather talking at you, instead of to you. (He looks then to Talita trying to see who's behind the curtain) The same goes as if I were talking with your dead, I mean dear mother, that of course if she were still with us.

The girl opens the curtain, swooping it with a snap, curls the rope that holds part of the mantle elevated, caresses it between her fingers and takes the soft fabric around her hand leaving a knot hanging to reveal her voluptuous body. Holding the drape still she gives him a gentle smile and blinks her right eye.

(giggling with a somewhat disturbing sound)
Mais, Andrew, elle n'est pas la, n'est-ce pas?
She's not with us anymore, or is she??
It's been such a long time...
(jumping to his arms and embracing him in a tender lace)
...since the last time I saw you!

(To himself)
She changes the subject as she changes her clothes...

(dancing and turning in front of him)
I am so happy that you are here I could fly!
(stretching her arms wide, spinning around, her face against his) Merci!

(kissing her in the cheek and whispering into her ears)
How I hungered to taste those lips...

He kisses her into the lips, but TALITA's face changes to an older woman and he is now kissing the ghostly image of Therese.


A Ghost Writer

What would you do if an artist from the other side eager to tell a story contacted you and asked you to be a ghost writer, literally speaking? That's how "The Pierrot's Love" took shape on a story night:

Adolphe Willette 1889's Pierrot tickles Columbine to death

"A Thriller Trailer"

"Author's Page on Amaon"


My Interview at BookBuzzr

"My Interview at BookBuzzr"

"Author Interviews at BookBuzzr"
Here's a site that really gives a bust and makes wonders to authors and publishers while reaching out their hands to help writers in the often hard task of getting the attention to their books all with innovative marketing tools and other recommendations in general. I've started to use their widgets just a few months ago and they have featured me and my stories behind the books so many times that I lost the count already. And now they have invited me to get interviewed in their blogs. That's just bliss!! From a writing career with so little encouragement and a lot of work, that's indeed all that I have been asking for: some lovely buzz to keep up the good vibration. Love you guys at BookBuzzr. You are indeed the best! Special thanks to Ranga who was so kind to ask if I would do the interview. Would I?? Of course!! There: "My Interview at BookBuzzr"

P.S: Looking forward to giving more interviews, hopefully on Larry King Live at CNN...or maybe at Oprah?!;)


200 Years Modeling

Yesterday I went to an exposition about Fashion that I´ve been trying to watch since the end of Carnaval. The exposition was first at the Guarany Theatre, but I wasn´t here yet. When I arrived in Santos I read in the newspaper that it went to the Coliseum. I went there the day after Carnaval but they had taken the models the day before. Then yesterday I heard in the news that they were at the Pinacoteca in Santos, the same place they made an hommage to the composer also born in Santos Gilberto Mendes (and you can read all about that event on my older post of one year ago here: "Guarany". So now I am thrilled I am able to share all that with you, since it was the last day of the exposition. After all, it's not every day that the French Fashion makes two hundred years of pure elegance. Hope you enjoy my "divertissement", I am behind the models, also reflected by the mirrors, as if I were waiting to model all the clothes as well. Strike a pose and swell!

You got to love that green velvet. And watch your steps: The Ants Wear Prairie!

Not sure if ants wear grass like a mantle!
But I guess now we should all use ANTLE:
Affordable Near-Term Low Emissions to reduce the CO2
(or no more green gowns for them to wear or for us too!)

And if the devil wears Prada, what does an ant wear? Pray is Prairie!! I guess it looks cuter in Portuguese: Se o Diabo veste Prada de que vai vestida a formiga? Prado!;)



There are only three days left... Please check out the entries I submitted for this contest:

The script "HEAVEN ON EARTH"| Your Big Break

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Big Break Spread the word and help me make my "PARADISE" a dream coming true!!

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