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#BAD11 FOOD (Poisoning)

This year, as every year, I'm participating once again in Blog Action Day, always held on October 16, which today coincides with World Food Day. And for 2011 the theme is FOOD and why FOOD can be #BAD11 one of the most vital element to all living beings. And when food turns out to be bad for you. There are many reasons why you should intake what's essential for your survival. But here I will only name the facts why you should be careful before putting anything inside your system:

Pesticides and other hazardous chemicals (known as a fact to cause serious diseases, such as Cancer)

Validation Date Expired (take note on how many times you buy food and you forget to read the labels on the products you consume)
Combination of foods (that one, we often take for granted)
Canned food (Can I say a big no-no to many products with their package damaged?)
Sea food (only good when it's fresh. But too fresh, that meaning raw, and it's like poison)
Meat (not to wave the Veggie flag here, but shoudl I need to point out thats it's no good since it brings all the toxins and the adrenaline caused by the killing of the animals?)
And the last on my list, but not the least...
National Security Matter: When food is a means to terrorist attacks.
Food as terror threat, what a treat! (You didn't hear my intonation? Holy Cow!)
Not to alarm anyone, but I get to the conclusion that to play safe we should all start to have our own food cultivation with organic plantations.
Take a look at this little rat. He found a way to live healthy, free and all, big and small, thin and tall, all up and down in his own town:

This way we would not only guarantee the quality of our own food but also help millions of people around the world to get rid of starvation. Just imagine you have been invited to have dinner at your friend's house and you bring your own salad, and your friend invite you for a dessert prepared with fruits taken from her own garden. And make it multiplied by millions, if not billions of other people's home doing the same and having those precious menus. Deliciously delightful... Such an utopia! But as long as we have recycling to make we could always have food in our table as well. And don't forget: An Apple a Day (if not poisonned) makes you live a long way.
Bon Appetit!