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Mediate and Meditate

The deep meditation keeps the stress levels diminished to the point of altering the action of hormones on the brain, causing a relaxation beneficial to the whole nervous system. Even people who suffer from a traumatic event keeps less trauma collateral effects and calmer and able to deal with it with considerable ease and go on with their lives thanks to constant states of relaxation. Meditation works more and better than a full night's sleep. That's because the brain levels are still there when in a sleep state more accelerated than when in a state of meditation, and the more there is the habit of meditating deeply over, more the body learns to recover from the stress which means more life, energy and creativity in their activities. To meditate does not necessarily have to be at rest, even in a pretty hectic activity one can meditate. Be amazed then! That's right! Even looking agitated outside one can reach an impressive level of meditation. And there is a tale that takes place in a monastery where a monk asks his master who is sitting with eyes closed, "Master, are you meditating?" To which the master replied: "No, I'm working." Then he gets up and goes to the garden and starts weeding the land. When the disciple sees his master sweating in full physical activity he asks him, "Oh, and now are you working?" The teacher focused on his activity and without stop working the land with his hoe, simply says: "Now I am meditating."
So here I leave a video to capture images that can help to achieve a level of active meditation with considerable relaxing effect:


Get Some Feetness!

A routine video especially formulated to keep you fit in less than five minutes.