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Can you believe it's already the end of July?? Time does really fly if you believe in time. For me time is an illusion that passes way too fast! For when you live in Paradise, literally, time has no meaning, there is no time but a whole lot of eternity... but then when you face literally a near-death experience you can say for sure we all are imortal souls living an earthly experience. In fact we all are extra-terrestrial if you think we all came from the same stuff as stars. And once again I see death so near me. July 26th was grandmother's day and I happened to spend it with my granny all sick in bed. Ttwice a mother for me, since I cherish my granny so, she's the reason for me being here...she assisted my mother when I was late and she had to wait until I was born though with a premature weight... three days later and it was my birthday. Last year I spent my birthday in a place I didn't feel like I belonged, away from what I consider my home and family. Then I wished for the next year that I would spend it in the place where I was born and with my whole family. But I guess my Jeannie did misunderstand me and she literally took me to the hospital where I was born. So now I'm at the hospital taking care of my granny and I keep remembering what a bird who woke me up one of these mornings said to me, "girl, keep your head up, all right?" and then repeated it so many times until I smiled and responded, "ok!" But fate or date, the fact is I was spending my b'day at exactly the same hospital where I was born and this is not as much fun as I pictured it would be... really that's really fate... to think that I was about to be born at this hospital and that my granny payed for the health care so that my mother would have me and now I'm here for her... if you read my autobiography "flat feet: an autobiography of a cosmic dancer" there I wrote parts of what happened to my mother while she expected me...yes, in fact it was not an easy delivery, I was in a bad position an already late my mom almost lost me. I can even say I was born by miracle...just wondering with a bad health care i wouldn't even be here writing this down! I'm still at the hospital, missed tids and bits and yet I did manage to watch what I believe was a moving movie more than a show from the opening ceremony yesterday...the best of the opening at the Olympics in London when the rings ignited on lights and sparkles were everyone burning down those ugly towers of pollution and bringing back the fields of gold and flowers flourishing all around on the ground... and of course, the fun-static mr bean been hilarious in only one note, literally! The sad note is that my granny loves the games and she will be missing most of them...keeping my fingers crossed she'll come home soon.
Granny and I in a National Swimming Competition (Photo taken from Swimming Magazine)
You know I came from a family where women were big fighters and I did grow up with big or I should say huge examples of those brave women overcoming so many barriers and struggling to survive in a time where society was even less forgiving with people coming from poor status. So if you read my autobiography you would have a big laugh out of it, for in spite of all the turmoils I try to get the best of what happens to me and with good humour I always manage to find some lightness from all of this. In the end I find that laughter is indeed the best remedy. Life is a constant circle/cycle of love it gives it takes in an endless way we just have to live it and then leave making terms with it and hopefully terms of endearment.