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Hi-Calls (a Cross tic)

San Juan de la Cruz, Patron of all poets, died in the night of December, 13/14, in a mystical place in the South of Spain. I spent my vacation last year in Andalusia and Portugal, where San Juan used to travel to apply his charity healings/hearings. In a very humid day, I went to visit his humble church there in Ubeda. I felt his presence in each corner of the building, and especially on the small table where he lied on his last days. As homage to this great Saint, whose works were influenced by Oriental philosophical concepts, I made a Novena in a Haiku alliteration/alteration of nine stanzas with nine words, each one of them made for each precedent day before the Christmas Eve (which is, beginning from today, in nine days). I hope you enjoy it as well. Have A Happy Holiday!

San Juan de la Cruz
Ilumina sua luz.

Hi-Calls (a Cross tic)

Estrada praieira
Gotas de chuva
O sabor a sal

Beach city
Electric rain assaults
Taste like pepper salt.

Polluted city
Utters state so critic
Raindrops acid citric.

Evolved world
Lack of words
For human's ambitions.

Sky in graffiti
Art for elite
Tainted rainbow seat.

The oak tree
Envelops a secret:
A leaf falls.

Wind blows
In the cold breeze
Numb heart freezes.

White snow falls
Attacking army.
Red stains the scene.

Saint on the fountain.
Embare Sea
A church sees.

Ana C.

Note: Saint Anthony of Embare Basilic is a Gothic Church that contemplates the sea, and it's located in front of a sculpture of Saint Anthony in the center of a fountain. And Embare means "waters that heal" in Brazilian Indian language, and it's a beach located on my birthplace city of Santos (Saints) in Brazil where I will spend Christmas this year.

How about you? Do you have a+cross+tic to share?