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Happy Leap Day!

Every four years I do some crazy stuff for the leap day. After all we only have that special occasion as much in a lifetime. And according to the series 30 Rock, what you do this day doesn't count anyway. So I'd rather make something funny and creative instead. Like I quoted in my twitter account:

Thanks to @alecbaldwin and #30rock I'm wearing yellow and blue. Don't ask me why, just watch the show on the episode about #leapday

A leap year ago... funny bunny but I think it should exist, this expresssion to mention each four years, it passes way too fast. So fast, it jumps over the years.

The last leap day I spent creating ecological bags through recycle materials. You can view them on my entry HERE

I also managed to create a clothline based upon the art of camouflage.

Imagine turning a bag into a dress or a top... or going to the beach with a pareo having a small bag looking like a shell-

This year I decided to spend it leaping, literally. So I jumped on my facebook page and threw a bunch of pics of me and my Preta jumping like bunnies. What a thrill!

I don't want to jump into conclusions but I'm guessing everyone is expressing a different mood about this extra day, although I'm pretty sure the majority of people just like to spend the day like every other day from the other 365. And maybe that's what makes everything so special to me, that I want to celebrate each and every trivial occasion, it's my way of dealing with things that counts after all.

And you?? How are you spending leap day? Hope you have an awesome bissextile year!