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There is a very nice blog here where they explain little by little (and with minimal and decimal of details) why the writers are on strike in America. There are many, many reasons, but the bottom line is:
"Don't let
them get
us out like pet
on the internet" (and I just in-vented that!;)

Now they posted a video where screenwriter Phil Alden Robinson of "Fields of Dreams" tells us how in each generation (let's say, twenty years) that technology advance takes place, and writers find themselves LOST (no pun intended) and like the Desperate Housewives (no pun here either) they too complain to get their bargain. (the Desperate Housewives' comments)

So I went there and commented about how grateful I am that they are on this fight now. I just didn't know I would get into another fight. (giggles) View the comments and see it yourself what I am talking about:
Comments on United Hollywood Blog

Now I feel obliged to apologize if ever the captain of that titanic ship (or any other writer) comes to read my comments there or my ramblings here on my humble spaceship:

"dear captain:
Being a writer I should have known you would take my comments literally (gasp) Mea Culpa (gasp) But since I sympathise with the whole deal, in solidarity with the "WAG" (gasp) and the WGA, and just to cool things down a little (no pun intended), here is a dollar coin to go buy you a beer
...but no strings attached. Cheers!"

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