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Next Monday, it will be the celebration of my birthplace's foundation, the exotic island of Santos, in Brazil. I will also be celebrating the Chinese New Year and the Australia Day, and I will be watching the first solar eclipse of the year in Australia. A major metamorphosis is expected, so hold onto your seat belts, for many circumstances will change for now on. Much of the old issues that had us stuck in time and space will give place to a new approach in life. And I am so excited I will be there to witness it all, for it's from only parts of Africa, India, and in Australia (except Tasmania) that it will be able to view this eclipse. A major shift is about to occur. And believe me, it will be for the better, and what is not working anymore will magically (if not instantly) disappear from our lives for good, giving birth to a new YOU and even a change of appearance will be of a radical one to reflect the changings within (especially if you are a Leo like I am:)

So see you with a new face, a new life style, a new vision of our future.

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