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Green Halloween

Tips and Tricks

Get NUTS for Halloween

A healthy alternative this Halloween, instead of candies, get nuts!!
Spread seeds of pumpkins, after you are done carving them, so you can also get a garden of new pumpkins in the future.

You CAN recycle too!

What do you do with those giants cans like the ones for baked beans and peaches?? You can also get those big cans from chips. It's a cheap alternative to hold on to your candies. You can, can you?? And how about plastic bottles?? You can make a perfect spooktacular candies holder with incredible designs and the best of it, personalize and make it your own decoration at home. One Green Halloween goodie bucket made by you!! You also could recycle a paint can with most of the dried paint scraped off. Paint the can or cover inside and out with paper or fabric. Make your own drawing if you like, or write "Trick or Treat" on them (or maybe a "GO GREEN HALLOWEEN" sign would be just fine!:-) And don't forget to dance. That IS CATCHY!

"Cats-The Amusing Call" by Ana C. Antunes

Here is an alternative use for those recycling cans:

Take a large piece of recycled paper and with a sponge embedded with coloured ink, paint the board with the design of your choice and see the effect of it over the paper: it will get a nice textured surface. When it's already dried make four circles, using a can to trace the circumference over the board, and making sure the borders are large enough to be able to fold. Then cut the circles, insert the cans under them and bend the borders. With the circles that were already taken from the board bend them in semicircles and place each one of them in every corner, making sure there is glue enough to make them fit on the surface. Now fill the cans with earth and plant some seeds. Voila! You've got a new decoration for your garden.

Also wear green costumes (and I mean not necessarily the colour but borrowed costumes that can be recycled, or get fabrics and sew your own, using some imagination), remind people to take care of Mother Nature, eating healthy food and being green!

Stay healthy and have fun! That's what Halloween is all about.

If you wish to know more about Arts & crafts with collage, here is a book to play with your mind, teaching you new ways of recycling fabric and paper, while fulfilling your heart with cool treats:
"Cool-Ages" by Ana C. Antunes


Alfred J. Garrotto said...

Great ideas. Thanks for your dedication to preservation of our home planet. Wishing you the best of God's blessings.

I have a new blog post at Wisdom of Les Miserables ( I hope you will visit.

Al Garrotto

Ana said...

My most devoted friend/reader,

I'm just glad if any of my writings CAN inspire a heart or two to preserving this beautiful planet, and I only aspire that my ideas may benefit our lives in some level. I confess you that I always keep an eye on your blog to see if there is a new post. Thanks for being of such inspiration for so many.

Many Blessings!