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A Nano Writer

I'm pleased to announce that I got two books (and another on the way) that you can read online and turn the pages like a real book. I got another book for children that will soon be featured on Amazon.

This year I decided to participate at the NANOWRIMO, for those not familiar with this nanostuff, that's a National Novel Writing Competition. If you are asking why would I enter in such a self-torture ordeal, I just have only one answer: It simply gives me the jest to know that we were so many doing the same insane thinking, and yet we keep writing on and on. It's interesting to see how many people got registered this year, numbers not always mean much, it is the old dilemma, quantity versus quality, but they don't lie either: there must mean something to have a lot to people feeling that they are up to something and that something must be finished in a month. Even if for that there would be any literal value. Just the fact to go and act, it's worth a million words. Hey, and if in the end you didn't write those crazy 50,000 words?? Who cares? You were the only one to blame for, and discipline is best learned by practicing it. Try it next year, or maybe you will never be a novelist of some never-to-be-a-novel deal, but I guarantee one hundred percent that if you at least wrote a page or two, and you can read that to yourself, you may find out things in you that are just priceless.

Here is the link to my soon-to-be novel at the NANOWRIMO site:
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