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Au fer et au feu/By Iron & by Fire

"The Pierrot's Love" on Amazon

The touching and compelling story of a ghost trying to be heard by a teenage girl who simply thinks she's a nutcase when she starts to hear the voice from the other side. Or would that be another fragment of her shattered soul? When she thinks she gets rid of what was haunting her it's when the ghost presents herself to be part of her own life, a life she had lost a longtime ago, only then she sees she was even more lost than the girl hovering over her mind. A mystery thriller with somewhat paranormal activity on the way, a mixture of Back to the Future and Ghostbuster but located in both Paris and London. A ballerina gets burnt and burst out when she looses her motion during a Ballet presentation in Paris of the late ninteenth century. She eventually dies and starts to haunt a girl from the twenty-first century who apparently has been receiving some eeriie text messages over her cellular phone. There is murder and suspense all over the plot. Apparently her boyfriend is involved. But he's a ghost. She then has to become a ghostwriter literally speaking to solve the case.

"Bloody Shoes"

Screenplay from an adaptation of the mystery/suspense novel "The Pierrot's Love"
by Ana Claudia Antunes

A Dance As One Production



The sound of an organ eerily playing "Tocatta" from Bach. A man holding a wallet with labels from many travels gets out of the train. Talita eagerly waits for him. He holds her up, he's happy to see her, but mostly because now he can show her the invitation, proudly.

(holding the small piece of paper with the words:
“"Cinématographe" au Salon indien du Grand Café à Paris.
And the address, “14 Boulevard de Cappucines 14”)

Her hands trembling shows in small letters the description of the event, as a regular show, “This instrument invented by Mr Auguste and Louis Lumiere allows one to record, by a series of instantaneous shots, all movements that for some time given occur in front of an objective lens (...) and reproducing those moves projecting them, in grand scale and in large size, in front of a big audience, their images on the screen!


The sound of an organ softly playing "Tocatta" by Bach.

I gave up performing.

Don't you tell me it's still about that girl...

Those flames burning the theater where she was dancing still insists on haunting me every night. Her wings burning in that fire and yet I became frozen, I couldn't move, I couldn't save my friend.

Images of a ballerina still dancing in the theatre while her costumes burst into flames.

I heard her screaming...I saw her asking for help, flapping her arms like a bird and disappearing before my eyes, turning into ashes. Some nights the nightmares are so strong and vivid that it's as if Emma is there beside me, looking at me in the middle of the room.

The ballerina now looks relieved with her wings like two spots she becomes transparent and turns into a white light of fire, as she disappears from the scene. A ghost appears touching TALITA's shoulder.

That was just a terrible accident.
You shouldn't blame yourself for what happened to her.

(touching her shoulders and holding herself in an embrace)
“That was just an awful accident!” That's what they kept telling her too, but I felt horrible, for all she had to go through. She couldn't move her legs and her arms...oh, she couldn't even stretch them the way she used to. I also thought that this could be a second chance for her as well as for me and that I would make better than when I have done. But after all that happened I'm not so secure on my Ballet shoes anymore...

Tata, Tata, heart of gold,
your story has to be told!

A noise like a tapping on the wood like someone knocking the windowpane, “Ra-ta-ta-rat-a-ta!”

Now seriously, who's that??
It's not funny!! I cannot take this anymore.

The spectrum of Emma's soul hovering over her, caressing TALITA's hair and whispering to her ears as it seems that she cannot see her friend from the other side.

Don't be afraid, death is not the end.
Listen, Tata, I'm here to help you!


Alfred J. Garrotto said...

Wonderful! You are so talented, my friend.

Ana said...

Thank you, dear Al!! I just finished a Cinematographic Production's Lab exactly to work on this thriller. Looking for a co-producer who would be interested to work with me and to represent my work, hoppefully someone who could help me with the visual effects to make it into a movie, and make this dream of mine a reality. Cheers!