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What a sunday!! I got a show of nature with Swan singing in Symphony...

And then I got a live show-woman, the queen of Xanadu, nothing more nothing less than Olivia Newton John! I knew that she was in Chile. But to meet her, it was such a coincidence...well, I do not believe in coincidences, since I was thinking of her in the morning, about her awareness on Breast Cancer, imagining that someone in her family also died of cancer, who is actually true, her own father. And it was such a hot day, that after taking my dog to a walk in the park I screamed for an ice cream...And look who was there having brunch? So I waited for her, and when she left the place, I said, "Olivia!" "Yeah...", she answered to me, so casual yet with so much charisma and caring as if meeting a long lost friend. Then I asked her when or if she was coming to Brazil again for I wanted her to take another pic with my brother. All that she wanted it was to give water to my pet, who is always in the move (just like me), saying, "See, she was thirsty... it was all that she wanted..." And that because I had already given my Preta a bottle of water. Such a lucky dog, Pretty Preta, to drink from Olivia's bottle! Olivia has such a great energy and she's an inspiration to us all... She's indeed a living legend!!!!:)) So here I share this moment with you:

It's so amazing, just to think about my whole childhood spent listening to all the vinyl albums with Olivia Newton-John's music that my brother collected, just to thirty years later have the same fate as my brother did of meeting her....and talking to her. That was priceless. Thank God and thanks to the Universe, for allowing the Law of Attraction and syncronicities to happen in such wonderful ways...
Here's the pic that my brother took with her when she was in Rio, to spending the Carnaval in Brazil (when she was thirty-two) and when I mentioned that she said, "Yeah, it was a long time ago!":)
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