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The Call (Guess Who's On The Line?)

A teenage girl wakes up after a call over her cellular phone by a stranger. That person grabs her attention saying things that only she could know. So she keeps the whole day grabbed over the phone while she tries to keep people she loves out of trouble. And that's when she gets into a lot of trouble. All the twenty-four hour ordeal ends with a birthday surprise for her. Was that all a prank from a friend or was it all true? Who's calling her? Who's on the line? The story takes place in the streets of San Francisco. The main character, Jennifer, talks to a ghost... on her cell. In fact she doesn't really know who she's talking with, but she does believe in everything the ghost says. Spooky! But all that only reflects her inability to fit in anywhere in the world. Also she struggles with her parents divorcing. So she is also looking for a place she can call home only to find out her home is no where near she thought it would be.

I'm so thrilled how the script ended up to be that I published my screenplay with no doubt this will turn out to be a very good story to tell in the big screen. This is a very contemporary piece, I took a commom device (a cellular) to tell the story for it refers to all of us, on how someone manage to get things done when dealing with so many distractions nowadays. And that comes with an advice: Having ADD syndrome since I was a child, and hardly listenning to what teachers would say in class to then getting bad notes in the end of the month made me learn it in the hard way. Discipline, my friend, discipline. And a lot of good will!! After an hour or so, you will feel relieved to how much you've advanced. That's a great reward at the end of the day you know a little was accomplished. Baby Steps Work Wonders!!

The last ScriptFrenzy I worked on the adaptation of my NaNoWriMo "The Pierrot's Love", which was quite an interesting experience, actually. I tried to maintain the rhythm of the story while I kept the word count in balance with the pages from the original manuscript and I finished like a clock, right on time for a tea. But then it was not as fun as it was this year when I really grabbed a piece of nothingness, well, not really nothingness as much as a small tiny little idea I had in the back of my head to turn it into a script. That sort of no man's land and you not knowing where it will turn out to be next gave me such a thrill that I couldn't stop thinking of the story and what would come next. That kept me going all the way and I rather finished the 100 pages almost half of the time I took on my first script adventure. So, characters may change, views will definitely do the work, and the story would give you the jest as much as you allow it to flow. Hope you have a blast with my script... well, I did!

Can't wait to make this one as a feature movie...would love to see the faces of the audience holding on to their chairs with their hairs up only trying to figure out who's on the line!!

You can get a sneak peek with a preview in the link below:
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