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A Day To Love

What does it mean to have a time well spent? When everything around us seem to be a fast face, last lane, past pace, it's hard to keep track of the things sweet and subtle, and even a small laughter might be considered trivial. But what would be our lives without those romantic hits, and a steamy savouring of a relationship heat? What would be of the future if life consisted of only moments gone, if even in our present moment we couldn't live long enough? Life is a gift we have in our hands. And if we don't give time for what is primordial in us, our detrimental need to love and be loved, what would be left?
Celebrating Saint Anthony's Day at his Fountain in front of Church in Santos
Tomorrow (June, 12th) we celebrate the Day of Lovers (it's a Valentine's Day but without the San Valentin, maybe because Saint Antonio of Padua is celebrated the day after that, and after all he's the patron of marriage and love. At least this is the romantic version. But there's a more markeatable approach saying that commerce decided to celebrate the day to inspire people to buy products for June was the worst month in the whole year to sell stuff. So be it for romantic reasons or more commercial ones, the fact is that without love our lives would be mean, and I mean, they will have no meaning. Love means beauty, happiness, lightness, laughter, dreams, and most of all it's to believe we can live love to its fullest. Even a love after life. After all it's all about love. Love, dove, love, above, love, glove that fits well. And everything (and everyone) else that surround it!
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