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Blog Action Day

I just registered my blog for #BAD12 Blog Action Day. This year the theme is #powerofwe which in a good French will resemble the words in a very descriptive manner, «Ensemble nous sommes plus forts» i.e. to assemble the various groups and communities in the world and embrace our diversity. And I was wondering: what would better translate that power of we?? In Politics and in the World Relations this is quite easily detected. When a group of people come together for an ideal and decide to make a revolution, to protest against an establishment, etc, etc. In Art it would mean when a certain selected group decided the value of things. But how about the environment? Where does this power of we fit? When we see that the economic power is much bigger than the request we as human beings expect, when changes don´t happen for the sake of semantics it is then that the power of we is much obliged to be required. So this year I decided to dedicate a post about the efforts the power of we need to make to ease the damages caused by greedy industrial sources. An I will be talking about the very core of civilization, from where all lives begun: The Ocean. And what we all can do to minimize the dark effects that we caused to the sea, which affect millions of lives and make the ocean scarce in food, breaking the feeding chain to a point where there seems to lack fishes all over the planet. And we are taking the risk to see the sea life only from an aquarium if we don´t take action now. I may sound a bit crazy when I say I believe in the power of we to save our own lives and the wild life. But I would be really mad if all I could do was just to sit down and watch while the whole world is put on fire, the ices are melting and the Earth is crashing down. Right at this moment I am believing in the power of we when I just signed a petition to stop dolphins to be kept in captivity in amusement parks. In the words of a very wise man who died because of the insanity of another man here I leave a message of hope: "You may say I´m a dreamer but I´m not the only one. I hope some day you will join us, and the world will be as One!"
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