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Blog Action Day: The Power of We

Imagine if this picture happened to you: instead of swimming and playing in the pool you were obliged to stay and live for good inside a bathtub. Well, that´s what in fact is been happening to a way-too-shameful-for-us-human-to-even-enumerate-such-huge-number of whales that are living into this nightmare around the globe right at this moment.
Now picture this: What if they could live free, in the open sea, as they were meant to be as their divine power and as God intended them to be? And you could see them not from so far and yet without touching them and get too close you would be magnetized and magnified by their beauty and splendour?? Would this be the perfect world? The Eden on Earth??
What if you live inside a tank made of cement where you were not able to send signs to your fellow men and instead your cries would only deafen you even more? I bet you would want to die, wouldn´t you?? So now just imagine how much noise humans make and how this noise can seriously affect the whales’ ability to hear each other’s calls in the sea. That would explain why so many sea mammals are losing their abiltity to find their way and many die due to the active sonar that leads to beaching. Not to mention in an amusement park where people clap their hands, they laugh, cry, scream, and where loud music and whistles play major role to make people have fun. Let alone their struggle for surviving in such small place yet loud ambiance. And although they may look happy they all are crying inside. For to keep the entertainment industry going on they are obliged to take lots of medicine, the males have their sperms taken so that they can breed females with artificial insemination. And the slavery continues in such unnatural way. And this is actually what is happening to a lot of animals that are forced to live in captivity and never leave that unhealthy enviroment and do you know why? Just to keep us humans entertained. Isn´t that sick, monstrous and outrageous? But unless the same "us humans" do something with the power of we we will continue to allow that to happen God knows for how long, or until when that time considering that many of the same animals we keep in danger are already endagered species. And now I just found out through a documentary in the UK that iron is crucial to ocean health. Whales recycled iron in the ocean by eating it in krill and making it available to phytoplankton in faeces. So that´s at least IRONic that we may save the planet and beat the climate change by keeping the whales in the sea to allow them to sort of leaving their shit out when nature calls.
So much can be done yet, to empower our ecosystem instead of keeping causing so much harm and risking to destroy it to a point of no return. We should get together, all of us, and make the whole world see how whales and other sea lives play a crucial role in keeping our oceans healthy. And if these endangered mammals become extinct we are the only ones to blame and most of all we will be in trouble ourselves. All we need to do is to inform as many people as possible to not only spend their money elsewhere but to stand with THE POWER OF US against marine amusement parks and against the capture of cetaceans.

This post is my way of taking part of Blog Action Day, a Global initiative which I participate since it has begun in 2007:

In 2011 the theme was FOOD
In 2010 we talked about a very serious issue:WATER
In 2009 I somehow missed it to talk about "My Multimedia Books"
In 2008 I was "Fighting Poverty in the World"
And the last and the first but not the least to burst Global Warming

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