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#FF Friday Feeling

#SOS Synonym Of Success: When you see your books being pirated and having people commenting that they loved the book! Ok, now go and share the value and spread the word so that other people can buy them and I will be able to write some more good stuff!
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That's the comment I left in a website who does book piracy and simply "stole" my book by leaving it there to downloading for free. Hey let me decide who and when and where I want my books free!! See if they buy that...otherwise everyone is free to share quotes from my books. I know that today is still Thirsty Thursday but I´m a bit ahead of time because I´m already preparing the spirits for tomorrow. I was searching on the web to see if there was no more piracy when I found out this:
Today´s Friday Feeling
What was my surprise to not only see my words been chosen and shared around the world but also in such a sweet way, we cannot help and notice there was a care, someone took the time to feel and think about my words to create such design; it made me speechless. Go figure, someone who loves words and who is a prolific writer/author left without words. This is the kind of attitude that makes me continue on my track and keeping writing and thirsty to sharing my own thoughts.

And Happy Thirsty Thursday!

Pierrot & Columbine
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