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My Interview with J.S. Danielle

Hi there! This is my first interview here with someone who is there in flesh and blood and I'm glad you are up to it. Let's start by answering a few common questions:

Me: What's your real name or if you only use a pen name, what is it?

J.S.: My pen name is J.S. Danielle.

Me: I see, The initials J.S. sound pretty fantastic and there is great mystique attached to that. You use just a pen name so that would you find it any easier to write and express your feelings? Or it is just the same as when you are using your real name?

J.S.: I am one in the same. Initially it was about who I would be representing when I released my novels, more so than myself as an individual. However I felt, my family supports me.

Me: That's so great! I see that you write erotica. Is that the only genre you write or you are willing to try new venues?

J.S.: I would try new venues, if another one came to me as naturally as erotica does. My novels, albeit mostly erotic, involve varying spectrums of the different venues.

Me: Why and when did you decide to write erotica and/or romance books?

J.S.: Why? It's what comes naturally to me. I am a sexually-charged female in her 40s! I decided around 2007, after my divorce to write shorts about all the things I was missing from my marriage and put them into my active, sexless imagination.

Me: You did it so well. And that brings me to my next question: Is there something that you regret of not doing? And if so, what would that be?

J.S.: I regret not starting to write sooner.

Me: What a perfect answer. But now you are more mature to stir up your creative juice in just the right temperature. Just looking at your book covers I can feel the heat. That just gave me the chills down my spine..

Me: Do you put yourself on your writing? I mean, literally, your life passing through like a movie as you write your novels?

J.S.:(Not shyly smiling) Yes. I do.

Me: You've got these two novels already for your series. Do you have any plans to keep the pace and write a couple of more, or are you giving up and changing to other ideas?

J.S.: I have ideas for several (at least three more) in this current series and a branch off for another series.

Me: And last but not least, if you could only say one word about your writing style what would that be?

J.S.: Intense

Me: And I wouldn't think of any better word to describe you.

Thanks so much for chatting with me and giving me the opportunity to highlight your work.
Ah, and just one more thing before you go: "Just Simply" Keep Shinning!

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