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I've been running some Partner Yoga Workshops for a while now. Everytime I come across with people asking me about the most recent book I wrote, Yoga Para Casais (Couple Yoga or Yoga For Two) based upon a book I published in 2004, The DAO Workbook Illustrated, I stop and listen very carefully what they are actually saying to ponder upon what's going on and I kindly present them with some techniques that I created that may rekindle that flame once lost and that seemed to be gone forever. I was at a birthday party four days ago when someone said about a married couple, "Everyone thought that they were a perfect match. They looked so great together. Then they split and it was all for a big surprise, to all who knew them. I wish they had come to you before that happened." Yes, they might have been given a chance. But like the saying, "It takes two to tango!" If they didn't think about trying something different, something new to renew their vows, then there was not even the slightest chance that their marriage could ever work out. Not even with the finest workout!

Dao Workbook in Spanish Version

Relationships are never easy. And dealing with the matters of the heart sounds even more difficult in our modern days. But what I most hear people saying and complaining about is that lack of connection between their loved ones, their soulmates It's like they have lost touch with themselves, what to say with others. And it sounds silly and almost incredible that in the age of technology, with so much in hand for us to connect with each other, we have lost that sense of real connection. Thus I created a method which I named DAO, as the way in between, where two souls meet in full grace. I am planning to extend my course and that it will be spread all over the world. My life mission is to see people enjoying life and embracing their own selves with much joy and creativity. So let's start with yourself. Did you embrace yourself today?
A good sense of humour is essential to keep up and keep light in a healthy relationship. Most of all have fun with each other.
Namaste as the divine being in me sautes the divine being in you. And I bow to you.
Ana Bowlova
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