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Patch me with you, can!

Here is an alternative use for those recycling cans:

Take a large piece of recycled paper and with a sponge embedded with coloured ink, paint the board with the design of your choice and see the effect of it over the paper: it will get a nice textured surface. When it's already dried make four circles, using a can to trace the circumference over the board, and making sure the borders are large enough to be able to fold. Then cut the circles, insert the cans under them and bend the borders. With the circles that were already taken from the board bend them in semicircles and place each one of them in every corner, making sure there is glue enough to make them fit on the surface. Now fill the cans with earth and plant some seeds. Voila! You've got a new decoration for your garden.

If you wish to know more about Arts & crafts with collage, here is a book to play with your mind while it fulfils your heart:

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