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The number SEVEN makes frequent appearances in the Bible (God is said to have rested on the seventh day) and is considered sacred in both Islam and Judaism. Imagine then that three times fold. The basic idea of the Three-Fold Law is that whatever you do (good or bad) will come back to you, three times its worth, in reward or punishment... so better be good today!!;)

By the Law of Attraction what you believe draws the energy to you, and whatever you put out to the universe comes back to you. SO BELIEVE and LIVE the Truth that you make your own reality and dream come true!!

Also the symbols for the number seven are a triangle (3) with a square (4) which added (3+4=7) reaches to the rich SEVEN. And if you have that added three times the result will be a pyramid. If you make a point in the core of the cube, you create nine vertices from two pyramids that kiss each other: one looks up and sustains the other pointing south. They are in perfect balance for they both have their own basis but are joined by a common centre. And that's the point I share with the readers who watch "Voyage to the Fourth Dimension"as if remembering a dream flight. A metaphor based upon human relationships and the search for the equilibrium inside the soul. It is about the shift of reality, when the life of the protagonist took a new dimension, as if a cube inserted inside a cube inside another cube. If you add the numbers of vortices you arrive to 25 points which in turn adding 2 and 5 it arrives to seven (the sacred number) meaning all things spiritual.

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