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Antarctic Treat: A Tetric Trick

It's freezing scary the reasons why so many eyes are into the North and South poles. I am now petrified by the fact that the news are announcing the resurrection of foreigners exploration interests on the Antarctic region for natural gas, oil (petroleum) and other mineral extractions. In an allusion to Pink "Flood" we should proclaim, "Leave the penguins all-one!!"
There are just so many ways to use the resources we are already using anyway, such as recycling and purifying natural elements to bother putting your teeth on the ice pudding. Knowing that the Antarctica Continent is the largest natural resource of clean, fresh and pure water to the entire planet, and that there is no limit to humans greed and ambitions with serious disastrous consequences to this unique ecosystem, the results of such enterprising would be catastrophic to all present humanity. After all, would you pour dirty water on your own tea?? I don't think so.

But the clock is tick(l)ing and the bomb will explode if we do not stop those staring eyes that were not satisfied to only contemplate but ate all the natural beauty...

Tic or Tea?? It's just a matter of time.

A dessert to deserters in the desert surges,
"I know your urges!
I am good meat,
So come and eat.”
One deserter with the eyes full of lust
asks, “can I trust?
My mind is fecund!”
“Not even a second!
I am just a mirage on the desert.
You are so pervert...”
He took a bite
with his tongue uptight.

All Mine!!

There she came showing off her flesh,
"I am so fresh,
I am so neat,
So come and eat.”

He stared at her, eyes full of lust,
"You became rust,
You're now all red..."
"Are you not glad??"

She sighed and into tears she burst,
"To Hell", she cursed,
Let drop or droop
He who's no dupe.

(A Minute to ponder on a metaphor
of what we've been doing to Mother Earth)

Ana Bowlova

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