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Blog Action Day: A Global Warning... Aquiescencia Global (Vote)

At last, we should care for Mother's Earth.
Let's all act today for a better tomorrow,
Or the future will be filled with sorrow...
Having good conscience has its worth!
Ana C.

All my paintings and handcrafts are made on recycle paper
And NO to those Plastic Bags that keep making the sea life sick!
I also make handmade bags with my creations on organic cotton with acrylic and painting for fabrics.

Walk more, be fit and enjoy Nature in a Stress Free "Feet-ness" in Bora Bora
I created polls on my community "Dance As One" on ORKUT about the problems we all face today.

What's the Best Solution to Stop Global Warming??
What would you be willing to do to help our Earth??

[X] Use less automobile, car and walk more??
[X] Talk/Meet with governamental authorities
[X] Denounce ecological crimes
[X] Stop smoking
[X] Recycle more
[X] Not waste water, to cleanse, rinse, with economy
[X] Unplug any devices or electronic supplies while they're not being used.
[X] Warn people about the problems we face today
[X] Plant trees (I've got plenty of avocado trees after I started recycling on my garden:)

(You may add an option here if you don't see it above)

Now I'm takling showers and rinsing my hair while I fill up a tank with the water I used. This way I have it to clean the floor, wash the toilet and flush up the residuals. I cannot just sit down and watch the global weather changing so radically, and one should be blind not to notice that the changing is real and scary too! Anyway, hugging trees, I should have named that too, for I also do that a lot, especially for those which protect me from those acid rains and from the gigantic tempests that's been happening more and more over the years. Such a shame we didn't take care of that, although much have been said (and not done) since that ECO convention that took place in Rio in the early nineties. Back then I already had my ecological agenda when someone asked me, "Is it because Ecology is IN??" Like saying that I was just following a trend, the new fashion... Well, I said, "Nope, it's because the subject is so out there and we seem to do so little. I'm just getting started with that!" So much that we still need to learn. Tell me about economy!! Soon there will be no more Politics, or Economics: only ECOS!! If you have other suggestions I will be just thrilled to learn... Also take a look Here, and find out that one person can actually help stop the global climate drastic changings.

Find Recycle Centers near you. Thank you and Mahalo!

Actually, I remember me hugging trees when I was a little girl. They soothed my heart many times, when I was the one who needed a hug... I guess it was my own instincts telling me that I needed them to be alive! I also talked to them... they used to tell me many stories... like a grandma!! Oh, those old days when we could stop by just to listen out... some good connections! What am I talking about?? Old days, no way!! I'll be right back... I just remember that I have a tree I just planted to give a hug full of CHI... Cheers!

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