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Powaqqatsi means a sorcerer sucking out the life out of a body, or a parasitic way of life, like a zoombie transiting through life, in Hopi language. How many people live their own lives like Powaqqatsi?

In this movie by Italian director Godfrey Reggio, we can see how human beings are equal all over the world, how they react exactly the same in so many cultures, religions, places, or countries around this planet. It starts with the images of Serra Pelada, where workers like ants climb and descend a huge pile of people. Sebastiao Salgado, Brazilian photographer, also reflected that in his own lens. It also shows some parts of Santos, Cubatao and other big cities throughout the world. A Choreography of images no words would be able to describe, but only to watch and not to reflect about it would be a way of saying the name itself over and over again: Powaqqatsi
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