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From Cheers to Chess

Marcel Duchamp, French artist born from a traditional family of artists in the nineteenth century, on July 28th, was a revolutionary son of sun, a Leo, the king from the zodiac. He also used the rare name of Rrose Sélavy, but as odd as it sounded it was more than a pun, for it was something that in the French language could be transformed as a paraphrase "Eros, c'est la vie", which translates to English as "Eros, such is life". It has also been read or rather ready as an idiomatic expression such as "arroser la vie" which in English would mean "to make a toast to life".

In his late days Duchamp decided to devote the rest of his life on playing chess and he became so obsessed with its studies and schemes as much as the possible positions of each piece that some would say he dropped his artworks for good. He got the title of chess master, he performed his new art in the Olympiads of 1928 and 1933, and even played with the pioneer musician John Cage in an innovative process of exploring music using a series of photoelectric cells underneath each square of the chessboard which sounded in sporadic and spasmodic ways.

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