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200 Years Modeling

Yesterday I went to an exposition about Fashion that I´ve been trying to watch since the end of Carnaval. The exposition was first at the Guarany Theatre, but I wasn´t here yet. When I arrived in Santos I read in the newspaper that it went to the Coliseum. I went there the day after Carnaval but they had taken the models the day before. Then yesterday I heard in the news that they were at the Pinacoteca in Santos, the same place they made an hommage to the composer also born in Santos Gilberto Mendes (and you can read all about that event on my older post of one year ago here: "Guarany". So now I am thrilled I am able to share all that with you, since it was the last day of the exposition. After all, it's not every day that the French Fashion makes two hundred years of pure elegance. Hope you enjoy my "divertissement", I am behind the models, also reflected by the mirrors, as if I were waiting to model all the clothes as well. Strike a pose and swell!

You got to love that green velvet. And watch your steps: The Ants Wear Prairie!

Not sure if ants wear grass like a mantle!
But I guess now we should all use ANTLE:
Affordable Near-Term Low Emissions to reduce the CO2
(or no more green gowns for them to wear or for us too!)

And if the devil wears Prada, what does an ant wear? Pray is Prairie!! I guess it looks cuter in Portuguese: Se o Diabo veste Prada de que vai vestida a formiga? Prado!;)
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