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My Interview at BookBuzzr

"My Interview at BookBuzzr"

"Author Interviews at BookBuzzr"
Here's a site that really gives a bust and makes wonders to authors and publishers while reaching out their hands to help writers in the often hard task of getting the attention to their books all with innovative marketing tools and other recommendations in general. I've started to use their widgets just a few months ago and they have featured me and my stories behind the books so many times that I lost the count already. And now they have invited me to get interviewed in their blogs. That's just bliss!! From a writing career with so little encouragement and a lot of work, that's indeed all that I have been asking for: some lovely buzz to keep up the good vibration. Love you guys at BookBuzzr. You are indeed the best! Special thanks to Ranga who was so kind to ask if I would do the interview. Would I?? Of course!! There: "My Interview at BookBuzzr"

P.S: Looking forward to giving more interviews, hopefully on Larry King Live at CNN...or maybe at Oprah?!;)
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