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Honouring Ladies/Un Hommage por toutes les Femmes du Monde

Today is the International Women's Day, and all over the world women (and men) have many things to celebrate about. We might not notice it in our day-to-day affairs, but we are finally reaching a time when women can be empowered without being powdered.

There are indeed many ways to celebrate the day, from buying flowers to the important women of your life (or just honouring them by appreciating their grace and magnanimous existence) to recharging their batteries by doing their usual jobs just for a change (not to mention my starting the day with breakfast in bed was a plus for me to write this down;)

Hope one day the world won't need Only One Day (as ODD as it ANAchronistically appears) to celebrate the victories and virtuosities of the Wonderful Original Women (WOW! Here it comes again) and to those who give light to this world so much in famine (not feminine) and ever much in need of a flaming torch (read Source) here is my homage, for so Am I.

L'Ame d'une Femme = F^l^ame

Hope this message flows as an ageless sound, for where there is a heart beating there lies a soul breathing.

Why keep them all in secret
Over all their vast existence?
Many offer more than elicit,
Ever coming to the presence,
Not knowing when to quit.

Who said women are so fragile?
Have you seen them giving up
Over all troubles and trials?

Born to love and be a blessing shower
Enchanted by the caress of a child.
Light when it is dark, sweet when it's sour.
In Heaven or in Hell, they are all so mild.
Even when they think they've lost their power
Very soon they resist and regain their faith:
Everlasting flame, a phoenix that on fire bathes. Ana Antunes

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