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A Saint Paddy's Night

(Last night ended with a big hug in a HUGE tree with a Leprechaun and a Lion:) Then I woke up this morning with a music inside my head, just to create the lyrics to my new tune and is about a problem we all face today (but the Lyrics are in Portuguese):

O mundo todo anda zen,
Tudo em paz e tudo bem.
Tudo de bom pra voce
e pra mim tambem.

Hoje o mundo e tao igual,
Tudo mais e coisa e tal,
Tudo sorri pra voce
e pra mim tambem.

O mundo inteiro a girar
e a vida vai virar
muita sorte a voce
e a mim tambem.

(em tom solene:) E se o aquecimento continuar
nao havera onda sobre o mar
nao vai haver nem a voce
(em tom nostalgico) nem a mim tambem...

A Cosmic Vision
A Tribute to Sir Arthur C. Clarke​(sci-fi author) who just died this Tuesday

My Lyrics (published on the Sci-fi literary magazine "Aphelion" on 2007)
Mr Mc Naught,
You're so bright and so naughty!!

Last week, you appeared to me,

By the deep blue sea,

Just before I closed my eye

In a sunset, so red a sky...

Now I don't even know

If you are just an UFO

Or if you come back once again so fast,

For that's your first and perhaps your last!


It's cold outside and warm in here,

Don't ever let me go,

Because if you just love me dear,

You don't leave me in the snow.

It's cold outside and warm in here,

Don't ever leave me, girl,

Because if you just want me near,

You don't leave me in this world.

I know good God just wants you there,

before the flowers bloom,

But if you need someone to care,

Wait for me and I'll come... in your doom...

I'll be there soon

To meet you in the silver moon...
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