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A Car Crash

Last week I took a brief trip but only two days after I left I had a car crash. The car is totally damaged, couldn't run anymore. I have contusions and I am under lots of pain both on my abdomen and on my back and arms. Funny thing is the reaction I received from many people who were simply curious to see how it happened and didn't even think of helping out. I even overheard people saying while I was still trying to recover my breath that, by the sound of the impact, they thought the car had rolled over and gone down the hill. People passed fast by car, all looking, some even laughed, I saw a woman on the passenger side smiling, just fascinated on the state the car was left. Crazy world we live on! Humans have such a fascination for accidents, they can be oblivious to many things, but when it is about people hurt and total wreckage they cannot help themselves. But I do believe in a few people who really make this world goes round. There were two women (mother and her daughter), that I later called them "Angels sent from Heaven" who were disposed to make all the calls necessary to help me out. They even offered something to drink and some biscuits (for it was late and I didn't have lunch yet, which was good or the food would be thrown out anyway by the shock). They told me they both had suffered car accidents, one of them when little daughter was only two years old. And thanks for the seatbelt (and especially from God) that I am here now to tell the stories. Here I leave some photos of the car I was in: Although only the automobile was under the influence of alcohol (I had just filled the tank full) oil was spread on the road, and there was still the danger of an explosion. The impact on my chest hit so strongly that I could not breath, and I had to leave the car to be able to restore some colours over my face. I have contusions and a long mark like a knife cut from the seatbelt on my chest and neck. That's why I always recommend to use it at all times!

Later on, when I felt strong enough to walk to the police station, I saw a man bringing a penguin that he found on the beach, yes, in a tropical weather. I caressed his head, and it was cold as an ice cube. I took out some sand from his right eye. I applied some REIKI energy over his body and talked to him saying, "We will both be all right!" The small penguin was so tired that it remained lied quietly inside the box, just waiting for the rural police to take it to be fed, wounds treated and then sent to the local Aquarium to later on (in two months) been taken back to Argentina. They are coming like thousands, swimming all the way up from Patagonia and reaching as further as the north of Brazil, victims of the global warming which has been debilitating the eco system and melting the ice cap in the poles. I even wrote an article for a magazine about that. Hope they publish it. I am really concerned about the way things are rapidly changing, and looking forward the day we will drive cars moved by magnetic fields or on trails not only for ecological reasons but for our own safety.

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