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Blog Action Day: Fighting Poverty in the World

To fight against poverty one should fight against the global warming or the world will colapse in catastrophic proportions with a terrible prospect: People could be displaced from their own land as the ocean will rise in an increasingly high level and lack of food and supply would be the topic of the day. If we don't take action now the whole world would have to face a much worst perspective about hunger and deficit in the economy. Talking with the governamental authorities is crucial. But we, as individuals, could make much more than that: Eco-T(R)ips

Take, for example, organizations such as "Hogar de Cristo" founded by the Saint Alberto Hurtado here in Chile and see for yourself that with little we can help a lot already: The Priest and now Saint Alberto Hurtado started to implement a project to eradicate poverty in his country. His success was due to the fact that he really cared about the disadvantaged people.He would always ask himself, "What would Christ do in my place?" It is not out of mimetizing His work but asking what would He do in our days.

A reunion with the Priest Alberto Hurtado and his colleagues at the Saint Ignatius College (A Family Collection)

Everytime I go to the supermarket the cashier asks me if I want to donate some. And I always say, "Yes!" How could I say no to this foundation who help poor people and is a visibly working process? Chile is one of the countries in Latin America with less poverty. So I was surprised when I saw a man so irritated with tha question saying, "Why you keep asking me that?" And he didn't want to donate. I should rather ask the same question adding, "Why ask? Please, of course I will donate." As much as I am sure it will have a good effect on people. If it helps, even if in small quantities, it is valid.

In England: " William John Williams, 67, was found with serious burns to his back after apparently having petrol poured on him in a lane of a busy Cardiff street on 17 January.
Two youths, aged 16, are accused of causing grievous bodily harm with intent and inflicting grievous bodily harm.

The victim had lived the lifestyle of a tramp and was to be seen about the streets and communities at all times of day, despite having an address at Gloucester Street in the Riverside area." (source:BBCNEWS)

Four men dressed in Scottish kilts are accused of pouring petrol over and setting light to a 41 year old Portuguese vagrant, sleeping on cardboard boxes in Valencia´s Plaza de la Reina during the early hours of Wednesday morning. (The victim) who has been living on the streets of Valencia for the last eleven years since all his grape picking wages were stolen from him and he could not face going back home to face his father´s angry disappointment.

"They kept me in for a few hours then let me go. I had to walk back to the Plaza de la Reina because nobody would give me any money for a taxi," added Albert, who explained that he was in a rush to get back to check on his three dogs, who were not injured in the attack. (...) says he will be hanging on to his walking stick to defend himself with should anything similar happen to him in the future. (source: ThinkSpain)

Qui, 09 Out, 02h41
Um morador de rua foi alvo de incendiários na noite de ontem, quando dormia em uma praça no bairro do Tatuapé, zona leste de São Paulo. A vítima, de aproximadamente 50 anos, sofreu queimaduras de primeiro grau em todo o corpo, exceto na face. Segundo paramédicos que o atenderam, uma mulher que passava pelo local testemunhou três pessoas jogando um líquido sobre o morador de rua e ateando fogo em seguida, fugindo a pé. Ela acionou uma ambulância ao ver a vítima em chamas.
(source:Agencia Estado)

Five days ago, a tramp was set on fire in the streets of Sao Paulo. At least there was a woman who saw the whole thing and called an ambulance. For God's sake, when we will give a hand to someone who needs it? They could have been your father, or your son. What if it was YOU??

People come together
Over one voice, one word,
Viewing the world as one.
Erase poverty forever
Realizing this absurd
That things are set undone.
Yell, "Poverty: None!"

"God is in the slums, in the cardboard boxes where the poor play house… God is in the silence of a mother who has infected her child with a virus that will end both their lives… God is in the cries heard under the rubble of war… God is in the debris of wasted opportunity and lives, and God is with us if we are with them."
- Bono (Lead Singer U2) from his speech at the 2006 National Prayer Breakfast, Washington DC.


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