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2012: The Mayan Prophecy

Now there's another movie which is being released and that is already making the world roar: 2012, about the Mayan Prophecy of the world finishing in that year. But more than the story itself what is interesting is people's reactions to that issue, which varies from a "Oh My God!" to "Whatever" in so many cultures and languages that is hard to know exactly what it is really going to happen. Cientists say there will be a shift of poles. The Global Warming evidence shows that the poles are actually melting, rising the ocean levels. Prophets such as the Brazilian writer Monteiro Lobato, author of "The Black President" recently made his spooky science-fiction written in 1926 come true when he exposed his first and only adult book about a president who would win between other two candidates (a white woman and man) from the other parties and this all happens in the year 2228 (I won't be a spolier here but wait until you read that, for there is much more on the book with quite revealing index). Another prophet, this one in America also predicted that the last president of the United States would be a black man. And voila: he is now Baracking the world! So 2012 would represent the end of the world AND a new beginning as the beginning is the end and vice-versa. It will mark the start of a new horizon with the Age of Aquarius. According to Edgar Cayce it means “the full consciousness of the ability to communicate with the Creative Forces and be aware of the relationships to the Creative Forces and the uses of same in material environs(...)” as that we as humans will be reawakening to a brighter future with an evolved consciousness.
Let's just all pray for that, then!

Talking about reaching out to our Creative Forces and tapping into an ocean of abundant source, I just released my Picture Book with a Christmas carol and rhymes in Portuguese and English, available also as a pocket book.
"Sea Sons/Filhos do Mar"

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