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Twilight and New Moon rising

I started reading the Twilight and its sequence, New Moon, from the debutant writer Stephenie Meyer, sometime back then when I got a pocket book sample while in the International Book Fair in Sao Paulo. And, neitherless to say, that did not impress me much... thought it was maybe due to the translation in Portuguese, but then, my intuition about novels are pretty much accurate. Just thought maybe it didn't work this time, by all the fuss (and fuzz) this book had been about (given the marketing costs it surely was already prepared to the pain in all gain again compared only to the Da Vinci Code fever) to have conquered the hearts of so many teens and also grown up women (and men!) but nope, I guess it's just a question of in-tuition! For when I was in my early teens at the elementary school I was not so much obliged as delighted to read novels from the Brazilian classics of authors such as Machado de Assis, Drummond, and the chronicles from Ruben Fonseca, Cecilia Meirelles and others who were still alive by then. As a teenager my literature in high school consisted of overdose of adult contemporary fiction and nonfiction, of science-fiction, but with no fantasy included, with obligatory readings and studies on deep analysis from books of authors of the heightest ranks, from the Bronte sisters and Jane Austen to Proust, Voltaire, William Shakespeare, then Aldoux Huxley and George Orwell. Such books as 1984 and Animal Farm were just samples from final exams. I guess after all that, it is difficult for me to understand why books about vampires tend to be such a hit nowadays. That probably means the educational system today is failing on providing children the necessary tools to comprehend deeper meanings, leaving them lost into a labyrinth of choices which in turn leads them to an abysm where literature is concerned. Hopefully the sun will rise again in the horizon, and the moon and other works of art will be let to inspire authors and readers with better subjects than conspiracy theories, vampires and wolves.

Ana is using her third-"I" to literally understand such phenomena
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