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Quantum of Solace

Quantum of Solace is the name of the last secret agent James Bond's movie. And the footage, which just took place this year at the north of Chile, it's been released at the Theaters nearby. Among many other exotic places it was also filmed in Antofagasta and the desert of Atacama. A sequence of "Cassino Royale" is already a cocktail of ventures and adventures. On April they were finishing the last scenes. "The Happy rap wrap April party" (when they finally close the set and left) happened just the other day. But it's just too bad I was not invited to any of that. Though the blond Bond girl is now a brunette and the north of Chile became Bolivia (just for the takes) and the whole region became furious (what if they want to make it appear as a remote and exotic place, which is, by the way) and that is quite enough "bouleversement" for any team. I got to find solace "por encanto e por enquanto" in "Quantum" when I see that (I'm planning to go anytime soon) and recognize some parts of the desert which I drove not long ago. At least I won't have my eyes overwhelmed by beautiful pictures wondering where they had filmed that. For, you know, it's not only about action, but location, location, location...

Talking about action and big parties, I just painted a Lady in Red, dressed in a flamenco style, which reminded me of Sevilla:
And once in Andalusia, we cannot miss Jerez de la Frontera, a city which is in the province of Cadiz. There also takes place the International Motorcycle Grand-Prix. But enough of automatic and fast machineries. Now I just want to go take a walk, giving time to meditate and look around...
A Blond Bond Blend in Jerez:

¿Y por que Jerez?
¡Porque eres!

Life is but a blink of an eye.
One moment for you and I.
A minute into a small size
Delighting like a paradise!
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