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Fairy of Spring

Dance lived in the forest very far away
She had a beautiful body and a strong heart.
She was very flexible and stretched all day.
She moved with anything that surrounded her.Dance moved her body so free like a dream
She imitated all the animals, even flies and bees.
She floated in the water and in every stream.
And she shook and trembled like leaves from the trees.She could run and fall from the sky like the rain.
She could fly and jump as high as the birds.
She made many mouvements and they were not in vain,
for everything had a life all made of words.So Dance tried to catch and squeeze.
A little breath she took and she jumped in a hurricane.
She could not get the wind, not even a breeze.
She observed how the wind touched the windowpane.And that's how she transformed the world in four seasons
Trying desperately to fulfill her wisdom,
she penetrate into the forest and proclaim
that from now on four seasons shall reign.
So here it came first the Spring
All pretty and charming she decided she would be
She left her essence, her perfume in all things
for she had a colourful joyful way of living.
("When Dance fell in love with Music" and "Sea Sons-Rhymes & Songs" Fairy Tales by Ana AntunesSpring Fairy (choreography created and performed by Ana Bowlova)
Ballet "Seasons" by Alexander Glazunov

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