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The Summer Itch

Which One? Each On! For each Summer is a different one, and one should take their swimming suit out and make the best of it. Some people say there is a crisis out there. But I say it's a crime to keep talking about that. Let's rejoice with the so many possibilities of a reflection about our own nature and the way we've been treating our Mother Nature. Let's now make amends with each nation, and command to stop so many crimes, and demand all of us to take better care of what it's essential for our existence. I've decided a long time ago to devote my life to Arts, for I know that's the best way (at least for me) of expressing what's on my mind. So here's a study for my ballet "Seasons" as the fairy of Summer is playing everything hot to rock:

A study for my new ballet "Seasons" based upon my book "Sea Sons-Rhymes & Songs" available at Amazon (and in Japan@
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