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Sunrise over Andes

Heaven is thine
Embrace what's mine
As I cannot give a flower
Vividly there to shine.
Entice the kiss as shadows of a bliss
Never ending the sunshine of ours.

Love frees us of all pain,
Or that one may restrain.
Vicious circle that ever widens without end.
Essentially a glorious manifestation we befriend.

Love with no boundaries and no restraint,
Or it makes one saint, or the other faint;
Vows the sweetest face, the tenderest embrace,
Each bringing the sun to place in such grace.

Sometimes the snow comes down in June again.
Or also it's the sun that goes round a blue mountain.
Under the sun nature comes to life this very morning
Little birds sing, busy bees and drivers are horning.

The sun rising over the Andes makes me meditate
Over the place we are, in our Earth current state.
On how we can create more harmony with violet light
Letting Love vibration surround us into a deep insight.

HEAVEN LOVE, LOVE: SOUL TOOL - Acrostic by Ana Claudia nTunes

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