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Fairy of Fall

The Fairiest of All (from the Ballet "Seasons" created and choreographed by Ana Bowlova)

Time passed and Dance could not grasp at all
How she could not move as graceful as the wind.
So she became quite blue and felt so very small.
But Music found her, for she felt she was blind.Music didn’t have a body, yet had a beautiful soul.
It lived in a gust of wind and it played with flow.
As free and light as a bird it would come and go.
And it could penetrate in all things, high or low.Music knew all the secrets of the air
Its biggest dream was to have a body and dance.
It could sing and fly, but could not dare
Doing any movement and it asked for a chance.

When Music saw Dance it fell in love.
and ordered the wind to stop right away.
Then it asked Dance how she could move,
and how she could do that in such a way.Dance was delighted by its divine voice,
not knowing from where it came for sure.
She showed Music all seasons, as a choice,
and took fall to perpetuate its nature.
("When Dance Fell in Love with Music"- a Tale by Ana C. Antunes)

Fall Fairy from the Ballet "Seasons" created and interpreted by Ana Bowlova
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