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Fairy of Winter

She danced just like a cat, and just like a bird
She flew as if it was her first flight out of a nest.
She imitated a leaf falling from the tree and heard
Music applauding and so excited he vibrated at last.

Music shouted excited. Dance could only feel pride.
He said the Art of Dance was for him a fairy tale.
Music then asked Dance, while she cried and sighed,
Why she didn't perform for an audience or in a fable.

So Dance told Music the story of her disgusts,
When she tried in vain to move freely as the wind.
She ran and fell, and finally said, “Fly I must!”
Dance wanted to perform subtly from her own mind.

Music then came up with an idea to share.
He stared at Dance and tried to make a deal:
While he taught Dance the secrets of the air
Dance would move and take his soul for real.

Music came like a gentle breeze and without fear
Dance let him enter in her heart and there to thrive.
Music instantly immersed deep inside of her ears.
And it was there that he spent the rest of their lives.

And now Music and Dance have a body and a soul.
Music can Dance, Dance can dream of a symphony.
All they went through made true for their goal
was to have all things living in such harmony.

The source of all ideas as they stand
In Dance and Music should be the same.
So they can walk together hand in hand
Creating possibilities as the main aim.

It is time to face the music,
And learn to listen to the whispers of the air.
This way we can move within the cosmic,
In a starry, enriched life so full of flair.
("When Dance Fell in Love with Music" and "Sea Sons- Rhymes & Songs", a book of tales and rhymes and illustrations with watercolours by Ana Claudia Antunes (available on Amazon).

"Winter Fairy" (Leg-ally Filed)

from the Ballet "Sea Sons" performed and choreographed by Ana Bowlova

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