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My Trilogies

My Memoirs:
"Flat Feet: Autobiography of a Cosmic Dancer"

From the trilogy "Memoirs of an Amazon":
"As Bruxas de Avignon"

Past: History

"L'Amante de Victor Hugo"
Present: Literature

"Sweet Secrets-A Voyage to Jupiter"
Future: Science

it comes the Synthesis:
"Geometry Of Designs by Ana Bowlova"

Trilogy of Present "Diaries":

"The Diary"
Past: History

"The Royal Diary"

Present: Literature

"Many Lives To Love... And The Eternity To Live"

Future: Science

Trilogy of Puzzles:

"The 'Da Vinte Koans'- Books of Poems"

Past: History


Present: Literature

"Dancing On Worlds"
Future: Science

Trilogy of Fate:

Past: Supernatural
"Cheat Chart"

Present: Natural/Normal
"One Hundred One World Accounts in One Hundred One World Count"

Future: Paranormal
"Tune the Twine/Twit the Twist"

Trilogy of My Books with Rhymes and Watercolors:

"The Four Sea Sons"
and in Portuguese as "As Quatro Fadas"
"Fables of Milk Shake's Peer"
in Portuguese as "Contos de Milk Shake Spirro"
"The Kindred Garden"
Far away on the ocean,
And deep deep down,
The water of blue in motion
Adorns all round and around.

....(a far away sound).......

But she 's so profound
That not even an anchor
Can reach her and rebound
Or touch her into the core.
Ana C.

Trilogia en Español:

"Dance and Music/Cuento de la Danza y Musica" "Dao Workbook Ilustrado" "Riñas de una Niña Teñida"

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